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  1. balucipher

    Granger Fan Club - Broncotown, USA

    @Wanted33 idk but I walked away really annoyed with both of them for that. Had to email Zach to find out how to register my Bronco (nobody explained they registered it in Iowa first and then mailed me the Iowa title instead of giving me the certificate of origin with lien holder details)
  2. balucipher

    Granger Fan Club - Broncotown, USA

    I was less than impressed with Granger's finance department. First guy I worked with wouldn't return my phone calls for some basic questions I had, he passed me onto someone else when I was at the dealership, and that second guy seemed really hurt I didn't sign for any of their extra protection...
  3. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    I have both configs Two door is best door
  4. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    I haven't gotten an assembly line pic or a "sorry we skipped yours" email yet
  5. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    Wife took the Hot Pepper one to work today, its hers Probably won't get to drive it again until she needs gas in it
  6. 🦖 2022 Bronco Raptor Official Reveal! Specs | Info | Wallpaper | Photos | Videos

    Great vehicle. Really like the interior changes. Bet it rides like on dream on basically anything terrain Another hit from Ford
  7. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    A51 is old and busted Erection Green is the new hotness
  8. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    This is such a difficult color to photograph. It's overcast today and it's more orange but the pictures make it look more red than irl
  9. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    Made it home last night, 1300 miles since picking it up Friday afternoon lol Time to wash both
  10. Only 4 months

    Dang that's a hell of a build and you got picked up for build quickly. Congrats and welcome
  11. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    Quick comparison shot of my Hot Pepper Red next to what I believe is Rapid Red on the F150
  12. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    Picked up in Horsham yesterday. Worked with Steve and Nolan who were excellent as expected. Drove up to NY afterwards and let my dad drive it around and he had a ton of fun in it. Now driving it back to Florida today. Thank u and appreciate u Tom
  13. How's the top end on the 2.3

    Premium in the 2.3 makes such a difference. Felt pretty slow on the dealer fill, ran it down to the light and filled up with premium and ever since has run great. Noticeable power increase and I've never thought it was underpowered
  14. 🛠 12/20/21 Build Week Group

    Like a week for the first one 2-3 days for the second