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  1. Check out who has a retro themed Bronco… Aaron Donald #97

    I’m partial to Russel Wilson’s! And I’m an Eagles fan so no bias either way there, lol…
  2. The Chronicles of CHEETO (Cyber Orange Bronco Build)

    After getting to know OP a bit I can attest to him being more like this …..
  3. NEW--Soft Top Noise Cancelation Technology

    Cheers to the R&D department! Overworked 😎
  4. Daily driving your delivered Bronco?

    Coming up on 1 year from delivery in a couple of days, with almost 23k on it. my daily commute are either round trippers of 40-50 or slightly higher if I’m commuting from the Southern Jersey shore. My wife and our 10-year old golden Retriever went on a 1,400 mile round tripper last fall and it...
  5. Help me self-squatch my Badlands

    If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the build thread from @OJ_Loose . Good luck! Thread 'KC 50 inch on 2 door - Self-Squatch Complete!'
  6. Ok, who is brave enough to order Bronco Sneakers?

    Coming from the dude that removed the b r o n c o for C H E E T O , I thought for sure you were in 😆. This guy needs them.
  7. Cbiggs

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    Congrats! As I come up on a year after taking delivery I can attest to just how much you and future hubby are going to love it. Forget the Fred Beans experience, it’s over and now it’s all yours. And knowing that you’ve seen the other horror stories here about naughty dealers you can feel...
  8. Sas Fenders on Non-Sas

    How about now? This is @OJ_Loose and for my money this is a sweeeet example of how to do it…
  9. The Dog Thread 🐾

    Good on you, @PrepVet . Warms my heart
  10. 20 mpg in a Wildtrak

    Top up, light wind, smooth sailing today from OCNJ to just west of Philly. 2hr run relatively flat but happy with 21.9
  11. Bronco insurance premiums?

    I’m in Chester County PA as well and it’s just under $800/6 months with usaa. Location I guess but seeing these other premiums makes me want to shop it.
  12. Who has the most miles with a "Hot Zone" 2.7L engine date code?

    21k 21195 but considered ‘clear gap’ so far….
  13. My Bronco was sold to someone else.

    Great news, glad you’re satisfied with the outcome. if it were me I’d ask for a Raptor at MSRP but that‘d be reaching LOL. i hope at the very least they find your exact build or better and get it to you pronto. what a f’ing ordeal.….but you’re going to love this ride once it arrives.
  14. My Bronco was sold to someone else.

    Sorry you got screwed, OP. And glad to see this thread having legs. I haven’t read through every page but I’m assuming that all of the dealer info has been posted and the google review hounds have been released. that’s worked in some instances here but it’s been a while since the naughty dealer...
  15. 2022 Cactus Wildtrak, 37’s, Red wheels!

    Wow! Sleep tight 🤣. The build looks amazing you guys rock. I use the JCR tailgate table daily and love it. Enjoy the trip!
  16. How Many Miles on Your 2.7?

    Hit 20K today coming over the 9th street bridge in OCNJ. That has to be good luck, right 🍀😉
  17. Welp, Today Sucks....

    So sorry for your family’s loss. It sucks and it hurts. Your story and those memories are golden. Savvy the golden retriever here in my avatar is getting up there also and will someday sooner than later cross that bridge, too…..but she’ll know as did your special pup that they were part of a pac...
  18. KC 50 inch on 2 door - Self-Squatch Complete!

    Looks great! love the mods, that light bar looks fantastic, and the stance is perrrrfect. chester county pa proper !
  19. 22k Miles, 9 Months, 6 Out West Trips, One Flat, & Miles of Memories

    Wow! Epic trip, Ashley. Thanks for sharing ! joining IG just to follow ya!