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  1. MSRP Raptor Folks.. Need your help

    It’ll be sold before you have an opportunity to prove your case, then you’ll have to get right back in line. Fire the emails asap and the zone rep will be on the phone with the owner when the dealership opens. It’s clear how much they want for the raptor.
  2. MSRP Raptor Folks.. Need your help

    They don’t, OP is just trying to prove other dealers are selling at MSRP. Personally, I wouldn’t waste my time. If he has what he says he says a quick email to one of the addresses I provided would get that dealership in pretty hot water and his bronco at MSRP.
  3. MSRP Raptor Folks.. Need your help

    They agreed to sell it at MSRP any trim right?? I’d fire off some emails. I bought my 22 F-150 Raptor at sticker. They’re full of shit and just trying to be greedy. At the end of the day If you weren’t a GT they would have the raptor to begin with.
  4. MSRP Raptor Folks.. Need your help

    Ummm call ford asap.
  5. Anybody have Bronco buyer's remorse and why?

    Funny, my Wranglers interior is 10 times nicer than the cheap ass broncos. Also Biff the bronco is all aluminum Ford is famous for using it.
  6. [Update: Ford actually helped and I got it back] Dealer sold my Bronco before it’s built.

    Don’t post their name yet. I would try to contact FMC today and also wait until the end of the week to hear back from one of the excs. While waiting I would try to call or speak with the GSM of the dealership in person, keep a level head and take a witness. If they refuse to acknowledge you...
  7. Granger is more than legit

    I don’t think ram fixed it but I’ve seen screens brick up and they can’t use any HVAC controls or anything until they get the screen replaced. Good thing is granger sells both brands. They’ll prob let you slide your deposit on a different order.
  8. Granger is more than legit

    Ford makes a pretty nice truck though. I don’t like Rams screen. I like buttons.
  9. Non refundable restocking fee?

    Live and learn, Bees like honey not vinegar. If they’re decent they’ll understand and give it back. Go to the dealership and ask in person, it’s a little harder to look someone in the eyes and tell them to F off. Hope it works out for you.
  10. Granger is more than legit

    I placed my order July 29th and picked it up January 15. They boned me in JB for 30 days. When it showed up the clear was full of scratches, other than that not a bad deal. After I went to 37s it’s developed a slight pull to the right. I have a set of adjustable LCAs I’ll be throwing on. I...
  11. Non refundable restocking fee?

    This is exactly why I don’t do non-refundable deposits, there’s too many variables. I would simply explain how this is taking a lot longer than anticipated and that something has come up and your not able to take delivery when it is built. At the end of the day you agreed to a non refundable...
  12. Granger is more than legit

    I’m sure it’s a hell of a vehicle. I think they were running $8000 off MSRP which is pretty good when dealers are still charging over sticker. I have to commented FCA if an order is placed for a trx or a 392 wrangler and it’s marked as a sold order it’s a 95% chance it will be built. They’re not...
  13. Granger is more than legit

    I spy a 392 Wrangler in that photo.
  14. How long do you plan to own your new Bronco?

    The original plan was to parlay my FE res for a bronco raptor. I was talked into accepting the Fe by my dealer with plans to trade it on a braptor. After the braptor pricing was announced I decided not to go with one. I thought I was going to keep my FE forever until I was offered a lot of...
  15. My Bronco was sold to someone else.

    Sorry you feel that way, but unfortunately that’s the way the world works these days. If it’s not put down on paper and agreed to then a dealer will take advantage of it. Say the OP had a purchase agreement signed by both parties he would have legal recourse. But he doesn’t and he has 0 recourse.
  16. My Bronco was sold to someone else.

    Not at all, the OP is a GM of a boat dealer, it’s pretty standard when you order something to get a written and signed agreement of what and how much you’ll be purchasing it for, they should know better than anyone. It’s been discussed on this forum hundreds of times. Then someone gets screwed...
  17. My Bronco was sold to someone else.

    So the OP had a signed PA or BO?
  18. My Bronco was sold to someone else.

    What will that accomplish? Nothing, unless you want the dealer to be blown up because you let yourself get screwed.
  19. My Bronco was sold to someone else.

    You are here to stir the pot. You just joined today and this is your first post. The cars sold, they won’t get it back. All they can do is order you another one or ignore you like they are.
  20. 1/4 mile drag race: Bronco Raptor vs First Edition vs Jeep 392 (by TFL)

    For the 21MY Jeep built 6407 392 wranglers. They started with a specific dealer allocation then changed it to a first come first served basis. As long as it was marked as a sold order with a name attached to it they scheduled it. Once they reached the number they wanted to build for that year...