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  1. Bronco owner rents Jeep for 1200 mile trip, my comparison.

    You still don't have a Bronco? Sheesh I thought most of the OGs had taken delivery by now or thrown the towel in.
  2. Redesigned mirror caps with whistle reducing / eliminating strakes -- implemented by Mirror Whistling Fix TSB

    Mine doesn’t have the stripes and I’ve never noticed whistling. I thought they chalked that up to certain grilles?
  3. Hello From Kuwait! New Bronco :)

    You can put 35” tires on without a lift but it may rub. The first thing to do would be remove the crash bars in front and behind the tires. They just unbolt. If you do serious off-roading you will probably need a small lift. The 315/70R17s will be a bit large for those black diamond wheels...
  4. bytheway

    Indiana Bronco

    Not central Indiana but Ruxer Ford in Jasper sells at invoice price which is below MSRP.
  5. Humorous sticker on quarter glass of new Broncos' MIC top

    Pretty sure that’s not what the manual states unless something have changed. I thought it said a touchless car was was ok. I personally haven’t done it but it didn’t say hand wash as far as I remember.
  6. Experience with JTop biminis?

    Another happy J Top customer here.
  7. Stick to Maintenance Schedule or Get Serviced Early?

    Good call. I had been using CarFax to track my receipts and maintenance history, but I just uploaded it to FordPass too. I assume dealers can see those records. I changed mine at 1200 to get synthetic in the sump. And again at 5k to get on regular 5k round intervals. Did another at 10k...
  8. Line-x fenders?

    Here’s a video. Not sure if it will work though:
  9. Azure Gray Metallic 2023 Bronco (w/ new rock rails design) -- first look sighting

    The Ranger Splash trim shares some of the limited Bronco colors. This year was Avalanche (Snow) Green (Forest) and Tan(Desert).
  10. 40-45K unfinished Ford vehicles will be awaiting parts through end of Q3 says Ford

    I get this affects some Broncos but here in Kentucky there are Super Duty’s busting out the seams of every open parking space in town. They are filling up the speedway again. I imagine most of the 40k are probably pickup trucks. There are buses running almost 24/7 to shuttle drivers around...
  11. MetalCloak Giveaway of the Month -- Sept/Oct 2022 -- Bronco 6G Overline Rocker Rails, 4-Door

    Only pic I have on this computer is the assembly line photo.
  12. Bronco Raptor Cluster Swap

    Probably not "banned" as much as Ford sent him off the deep end and had all his content removed. He knew too much.
  13. Bronco Raptor Cluster Swap

    If you go back to d2dhanover who unlocked the goat modes with Forscan, people were asking him about raptor cluster swaps before he was banned and he said it wasn't going to be possible for some reason. Just throwing that out there.
  14. Is CSX rail moving "autos" ?

    My office looks over a CSX auto rail yard. It never stopped moving.
  15. Anybody have Bronco buyer's remorse and why?

    Nope. Great truck. Perfect size. My kids love it. I turn around to stare at it when I park and walk away. 2.7 eco is a great engine. Soft top is better than expected. 2021 model going into 2023 model year and there’s really not much I feel like I’m missing out on. I probably would have gotten...
  16. Bronco lifespan

    I bought 8yr 100k premium care. I'm at 11,9xx miles exactly 1 year after delivery. So I should be good until 2030. Past that who knows.
  17. Motortrend: Bronco Raptor vs Jeep 392 XR: Battle of the Badass Off-Roaders

    One of the recent featured posts the owner said he bought his Braptor at MSRP. It was the one where he had a wildtrak and F150 tremor with it.
  18. Found Hundreds of Bronco in Puerto Rico in a Ford dealership

    The dealer I know in St Thomas got an allocation that was more than the dealer I ordered from (20+ in MY21). And he is way smaller volume. I don't know how they calculated export allocations but it's much different than USA dealers. For the part about shipping, I believe the standard Ford...
  19. "We're betting on dealers. We're not going to go direct." - Jim Farley on EV dealers

    IMO this is what is hurting Ford the most today on quality issues. Getting the components cheaper does not always save money in the long run. Recalls, warranty claims, lawsuits, etc.