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  1. What have you broken on your Bronco so far?

    I broke: 1 of 2 bolts holding on left-rear tow hook. Trying to install mud flaps and I read the wrong number for the torque wrench. Drilling out and removing the sheared bolt from under the vehicle was fun. Friction / hold-up mechanism on the glove box. PSA: the version 1 user manual for the...
  2. Serious Tech Issue - 12 Inch Touchscreen blacked out / bricked (by software update?)

    Yesterday the dealer confirmed that my APIM went bad as well. So I too have a dead screen and am waiting for notification from the dealer that the part has arrived. If you continue to have a working backup camera and radio, consider yourself lucky! Those are the two features I miss the most. I...
  3. Serious Tech Issue - 12 Inch Touchscreen blacked out / bricked (by software update?)

    It's not about posting a solution (at least not necessarily). What they do is shepherd issues along, and sometimes more. In my previous case, a central intra-vehicle communications module (I don't remember the name of the part) failed and the whole vehicle was basically dead. No engine, no...
  4. Serious Tech Issue - 12 Inch Touchscreen blacked out / bricked (by software update?)

    It wasn't fuse 46. I still want to check fuse 31 under the dash, but I think that would have other noticeable effects so not holding my breath.
  5. 2023 MOD Top Close-Up Photos and Technical Review

    If I were getting a 2-door, I would absolutely want the MOD. Being able to take out the "sun roof" and windows makes it so you can actually get an outdoor experience without taking off the whole back part. With the 4-door, it is less interesting. Combined with the MIC-texture fenders, it is yet...
  6. Serious Tech Issue - 12 Inch Touchscreen blacked out / bricked (by software update?)

    I'm going to check fuse 46 under the hood (SYNC module), and fuse 31 under the dash. I was recently experimenting with GOAT modes (using a modified Baja as a sport mode) and I'm wondering if that may have knocked out #31 on mine.
  7. Serious Tech Issue - 12 Inch Touchscreen blacked out / bricked (by software update?)

    My experience with them when my vehicle died was very different. YMMV I suppose.
  8. Serious Tech Issue - 12 Inch Touchscreen blacked out / bricked (by software update?)

    I think mine has fallen prey to the same issue. This morning (7/16) my family piled in, I started the engine, and the 12" screen just stayed black. Same issues as described above on this thread: Car is driveable. No phone, radio, nav, Google apps, backup camera or anything else that depends...
  9. Jalopnik: I Was Wrong to Doubt the Ford Bronco

    If you want a laugh, check out the comments below the article. 5k under MSRP? Only the high-end off-road trims. Sasquatch "trim" If you ever wonder how car salesmen are able to bamboozle people, it makes a nice "Exhibit A".
  10. skhubbard93

    Adirondack Bronco Club

    Any ideas for a good off-road trail in the ADKs for a novice? I haven't heard of much other than a trail near Prospect Mtn, and from decades ago a couple of trails in Dorset, VT. There don't seem to be any public access trails around here as there are in other parts of the country.
  11. 2023 Bronco colors revealed by touch up paint site

    Is "Lead Foot Grey" just a different name for "Carbonized Grey Metallic"? Or are they different colors?
  12. $100.00 deposit

    Ford doesn't have that money. The dealership where you placed your reservation does. When I reserved back in 2020, I got a line on my CC statement referring to the auto group that owned the dealership. I didn't recognize it, so I looked it up. The money went to them, not Ford. At delivery, I...
  13. Changing Physical Key on Bronco Door (Key fob & Bronco stolen, but we took it back)

    I used to use a steering wheel lock years ago when I lived in DC. A friend told me about how car thieves use the steering wheel as a lever to break itself off of the steering column and then simply set the mess aside and (somehow - with a tool perhaps?) drive with the column alone. Short...
  14. Let's talk Ugly...

  15. The Boreal Base

    I must confess... at first, the pics were hurting my eyes. Then it switched from "city mouse" to "country mouse", and everything got amazing. Thanks for these. Just wow.
  16. Unlocked a new mode that some will appreciate...

    I get the reference, but this thread is not my jam. And treating this vehicle like a fast fashion accessory is abuse and will void your warranty. Wake me up when there's a: sentry mode - like Iron Man, not Tesla... or maybe also like Tesla come to think of it stealth mode - for those times...
  17. Regrets??

    Nope. Not a one. Had I been pushed to '22, I would have gone mansquatch instead of the standard badlands suspension with the upgraded 33" M/T tires. And I would have been miserable because it wouldn't have fit in my garage with the ski rack on. So as far as I'm concerned I dodged a bullet and...
  18. 🛠 11/29/21 Build Week Group

    Nice! That paint color looks particularly good with that beadlock trim color.
  19. 🛠 11/29/21 Build Week Group

    I hesitate to say, "pics or it didn't happen," so I'll just ask that you share when you get a chance.
  20. Car and Driver Review: 2021 Bronco Wildtrak Tested: The Ultimate Bronco (for Now)

    Author did not seem to be aware of differences in skid plates between models, in particular when describing cause of weight difference between WT and FE.