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  1. Bronco standard sound system 6 speaker upgrade DIY writeup w/ instructions (dash & kick panel speaker removal) & wiring diagram

    This is my biggest complaint so far -- my solution is to go active, I have a Hertz 5 channel amplifier on the way to power replacement Hertz mid-bass in the kick panel and replacement Stereo Integrity dash speakers. Down the road, I plan on purchasing the B/O enclosure and find the best sounding...
  2. Kicker Key Amp 200.4 Install DIY Video - Do this first!

    Finally got my Bronco and looking into doing similar in the front -- any suggestions/comments on running the Key 200.4 active? Did you use any of the harness from plugnplay?
  3. New Swag from Ford -- Weather Resistant Playing Cards

    Would have been a whole lot cooler if there was a FOB in the box.... someday.. ..
  4. What are people using for subs that don't take up room ? ? ? ?

    That's also what I'm looking for! How many sheets of mdf did it take and what is max depth for sub to fit? Beautiful work sir
  5. 06/06/22 Build Week Group

    Just got baby pic and is still showing est arrival 8/17 ..... Guess we'll see 🤞🏼
  6. B&O sub installed on Base Bronco ….sorta….

    Can anyone tell me how much depth there is to work with on this enclosure? TIA
  7. 06/06/22 Build Week Group

    I'm right there with ya -- blend date of 6/7, last update was 6/13, 4 digit tear tag listed but chat said expected complete 7/26 and I was like WTF??
  8. Montana Orders!

    Other side of this great state - Have same color 4dr Badlands Squatch being built now! Got pushed to a '22 build but will be worth the wait (I hope)
  9. 06/06/22 Build Week Group

    6/7 blend here and still showing "in production" as well -- Dealer notified me she received my MSO on 6/6 which had generally been 30ish days prior to arrival, now I'm not so sure
  10. 'Ultimate Stereo Upgrade' Thread

    Finally have all drivers ready, now I just need to decide on amplifier......oh and get my Bronco 🤣 Will be going with Stereo Integrity BM MK III sub, Hertz 6.5 mid bass and Stereo Integrity M3 carbon up top.
  11. 06/06/22 Build Week Group

    One plus I just noticed tho, the email has my VIN issued
  12. 05/30/2022 Build Week Group

    I'm out, pushed again ... Only to 6/6 so hopefully 🤞🏼🤞🏼
  13. 06/06/22 Build Week Group

    Just got pushed again, 5/23 pushed to 5/30 now pushed to 6/6 😔🤬
  14. High End Stereo Build Thread...

    I love Hertz components -- whenever my Bronco gets here I will be replacing mid bass with Hertz HSK (Hi-Energy) and I am going with Stereo Integrity's new carbon M3 up top. I have not decided on which direction for sub. Either an option like this or purchase the B/O enclosure and get the best...
  15. 05/30/2022 Build Week Group

    Also got booted from 5/23 build group -- start of many "push-backs" unfortunately from what I see :(
  16. Montana Owners Check In!

    Nice! Just got word I am set for 5/23/22 build week!
  17. 5/23 Build Week

    Dealer informed me this is my build week as well! Have checked backdoor link to confirm but no email or VIN as of yet.
  18. Anyone installed a subwoofer under the rear seat yet?

    Did the shop make that box for you? That looks exactly what I've been searching for!! Any info you could share would be awesome