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  1. Grey Box on Instrument Cluster upon Startup

    Anyone else get this everytime they start up their rig? I have to hit the cruise button everytime to clear it and get the adaptive cruise bars to display instead of this stupid box.
  2. MIC 2.0 Snake Skin pattern appearing

    Couldn’t find a thread that was actually still active. Anyone with a MIC 2.0 notice snake skin appearance on the roof? Mine was dirt mountain detainee until November from the august build. Looked great until last week and now you can definitely see a pattern emerging on the clamshell but also on...
  3. Fine dust/powder from Hardtop Insulation

    Anyone notice a fine dust all over everything in your bronco? I’ve noticed that if you touch the insulation/liner white dust comes off and floats in the air. Maybe this has been posted but it’s a bit strange.
  4. BIG Mark Up (corrected)

    Kunes Country Ford in IL must have made some amazing upgrades to this Big Bend. It’s time to start shaming these f’ing slime bags. Any dealer that does this should be blasted across social media time and time again.
  5. 🛠 8/2/21 build Week Thread

    Going to start out by saying I’ve had my VIN since April. I was scheduled 6/7 and have subsequently been moved many times since. I have a 8/2 build week with a 8/5 build date for my Cyber Orange OBX. I know some that have this week have window stickers already, I do not. Starting this thread...
  6. We know no incentives, but favorable rates or lease terms?

    Of those that have received their Broncos, did you use Ford motor credit? Did you lease? Guess with the price of my OBX, looking at about $700 plus a month purchase and $550 or so lease. Just seems crazy after all the delays we get virtually nothing.
  7. Mirror-probably dumb question

    On the mirrors with the spot lights, are those also turn signal indicators? I couldn’t find anything about this.