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  1. What's with the manual trans hype?

    I went with a manual because I've always driven a manual. I actually regret not switching over to an auto once and for all with the Bronco. Oh well.
  2. What's up with Jeep guys

    Anyone that can't appreciate another 4x4 because of a brand falls into the d-bag category. They exist behind the wheel of every kind of vehicle.
  3. 🔥 Best Bronco accessory ever -- Bronco Trailer!

    Well, now I know why the second half of my Bronco has been on backorder holding up production.
  4. So mad at myself

    Ugh sorry. The first one always hurts the most. Good luck getting it all fixed!
  5. Murdered Out Bronco Parked in the Wild

    Correct. Technically this is more Involuntary Manslaughtered Out.
  6. Murdered Out Bronco Parked in the Wild

    I dunno. Why not just buy a station wagon?
  7. 🚨 Attention MGV Owners 🚨

    I think I would still mind even if it was consistent. It's supposed to be marine grade washable!* *Well except for the back of the back seats anyway.
  8. 🚨 Attention MGV Owners 🚨

    They totally ran out of MGV while stitching together your seats and reached for the next available material. Sorry dude. On the bright side, at least the assembly person didn't reach for the brown bag leftover from their lunch!
  9. The Jeep Wrangler owners should be pissed……😁

    Which is better for people to boast about on a forum maybe?
  10. The Jeep Wrangler owners should be pissed……😁

    Couldn't agree more. Get over it and just enjoy your Bronco, Jeep, 4Runner, Samurai, or whatever the hell else you drive.
  11. The Jeep Wrangler owners should be pissed……😁

    Yeah, and why does any other vehicle owner need to be pissed about someone else's opinion? I don't care what someone is driving... there isn't a "perfect" vehicle out there.
  12. Underpass 1 Broncos 0

    Or use the Domino's Pizza "The Noid" strategy. Bronco arrives uncrushed or it's free.
  13. Underpass 1 Broncos 0

    My luck would work like this: The Bronco at the back of the truck would be mine; unscathed by the low bridge. Then as they pull it off the truck and I let out a sigh of relief it would spontaneously combust. But man, that is a bummer.
  14. Ford asking dealership reason for cancellation?

    Nah it was my dealership claiming they're asking on Ford's behalf. If Ford asked directly, I'd have a little more faith.
  15. Ford asking dealership reason for cancellation?

    Agree with you, but if Ford wants the feedback, and if the reason for canceling is the dealership, it seems a bit counterintuitive. Who's to say my shitty dealership isn't going to either "paraphrase" or just not forward my feedback about them to Ford?
  16. Ford asking dealership reason for cancellation?

    My dealership called telling me Ford wants to know why I canceled my order. Seems strange that Ford wouldn't send out a survey or something, and that my terrible experience with the dealership should be passed on by that same dealership to Ford. Anyone else?
  17. Horror story turned reality

    Same exact thing happened to me. I changed my build, dealership didn't update it, but I got an email from Ford saying I was being pushed to 2022 so I didn't follow up thinking I'd have an opportunity to spec out a 2022 (different color, etc.). Then a month later I get an email from Ford that...
  18. Ford will ship Broncos without chips controlling non-safety critical features

    In other news, Ford will start shipping vehicles with 4 of the 5 lug nuts included on the wheels.
  19. Rock climbing fail - flipover

    On the brightside, look at that beautiful undercarriage!