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  1. Non golden ticket allocations?

    have dealers received allocations for non golden ticket holder sales?
  2. Upgrade before sale or not?

    I have an Area 51 Black Diamond Sasquatch, 10,000 miles, mid package, MGV, Amsoil signature since day 1, Diode Dynamic ditch lights, incredible sound system with tri-amped Focal 3 way components up front, focal coaxial in the rear, JL Audio subwoofer, Audio Control full DSP amps, 1ga to...
  3. Crazy KOH video

    If someone has better version of video…. This dude or chick!! Was going apeshit. That is some crazy stuff!!
  4. Changing Order

    I have a week one order for a OBX 4dr, SAS, Lux, 2.7. We got an email from our dealer when the order switched to a 22 confirming some minor changes. We have not received a VIN yet. My daughter decided she wants to keep the 21 4Runner TRD I gave her. (I know, I don't understand either!!) So I...
  5. So has anyone cracked the code yet for the 2.7?

    How did Hennessey already tune his? Does he have factory support?
  6. A-pillar removal instructions?

    Instructions would be very helpful!! Want to wire a Garmin dash cam with the optional hardwired kit I got. Would like to route it down the driver side a pillar. It doesn’t look as easy as most other vehicles I have done in the past.
  7. LeBronco Audio Build

    description and more pics to come.
  8. Battery Terminal info

    Does anyone have any info on what's going on here? Are the two open slots un-fused "full output" terminals? I see the little 3 amp fuse there and it makes me wonder if there is more here than meets the eye. One would think they are just accessory terminals and one could hook a winch or in my...
  9. Has anyone changed their oil yet?

    Wanting to change mine synonyms. How bad is it to get to? Do you have to drop any under body armor? I’ve got a Black Diamond Sasquatch.