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  1. You CAN move your Bronco reservation as of TODAY!!!

    Called Ford today they told me they will not transfer my reservation. I have to go through the dealership that has my reservation to get it done. I highly doubt that dealership will do anything. Great Ford customer service!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Show Me Pics of Powder Coated Non SAS OBX Wheels

    Looks good can you do a close up of the wheels
  3. Leaving back window open

    My thought on a cheep solution to leave the back window open is to take a piece of PVC pipe cut a slot down the center to allow it to go over the supports and use a little velcro to old it in place. That way the window can't shut.
  4. Barbee's Freeway Ford Allocations

    Who did you deal with at Phil Long
  5. Full side graphics: what do you want to see?

    Would like to see this with exact lines.
  6. Icon Alloys Rebound Pro wheels mated w/ 35” Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ P3 tires on Bronco Badlands

    Looks good Can you get a better pic of just the wheel and tires straight on
  7. Aftermarket wheels / tires for your Bronco?

    Like it What lift and what wheels are those.
  8. Lightweight wheels.

    Saw these 24 lbs Would want to have them powder coated white RTX OFFROAD CRAWLER (PAINTED/MATTE BLACK) WHEELS 17 x 8 6/139.7 20 mm. 108.00 24.25 lbs. Matte Black 081350 $211.00
  9. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    Anyone know what wheel those are.
  10. 4WP Bronco Program Official Launch. Accessories / Parts Catalog and Pricing Are Here.

    On you lift leveling get, if you want, is there a way to raise both the front and rear just 1.5 inches
  11. Any dealer in Denver area offering deals

    I just moved from out of state and have to transfer my reservation. I like to transfer to a local dealer. Grove is just 2 miles from me but reading the Colorado forum does look like a good choice. I read through the Colorado forum and it sad to see that most members are going to Granger to get a...
  12. Colorado Roll Call For Bronco Viewing May 30th-June 1st

    Either Sasquatch?
  13. Sasquatch Crash Bars Delete

    You can't control drunk drivers you can control crash bars.
  14. Bronco King Shocks 2.5 are available

    Sorry for the uneducated question but will these give you any lift. Also how will they ride on road. Thanks
  15. Unhappy with Bronco Interior Options

    Go Katzkin Did on my jeep $1350 Cheeper then factory leather
  16. Fender Delete Increase Wheel Clearance?

    With my Jeep JL Sahara I was able to go from 32 to 315/70/17 which are 34.4 in tall without a lift or other modification. It does hit the fenders on bumps but since I don't off road I can get by with it. I was going to change to high profile fenders but have done fine without on road for 15,000...
  17. Fender Delete Increase Wheel Clearance?

    On the Jeep Wrangler JL High top fender flairs do allow for larger tires. I don't think we have a clear answer on the Bronco yet if different fenders or fender delete will allow larger tires.. Larger tires will require a higher wheel offset and may need crash bar modification even with a lift.
  18. Drive ratio - 4.27 vs. 4.46 on road driving experience difference?

    Won't the transmission have different calibration depending on the gear ratio. Isn't that what happens when you change tire size and get it adjusted.
  19. Western Slope Colorado Deals?

    What dealers are honoring x-Plan, everyone I've email says no. Even ones on the list saying they will.
  20. What to order if you're only off-roading and you really loved the look of the 35's?

    I doing that with the Outer Banks. I have had a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited both JL and Jk and done a small lift, wheels and 35(which are usually 34.5) and been very happy. Has minimal effect on handling and allows you to choice the wheels and tire of your choice. Proud to be a Mall crawler.