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  1. Florida Lug Nuts

    Took off Sasquatch wheels. 27 total. Never driven on from dealer. Switched to black. $120
  2. Florida Blue handles and vents for gray

    I have the blue handles and vents in my Sasquatch. Would like to change to Gray. In Florida.
  3. Florida $120 Sasquatch Stock Lug Nuts for Sale

    Just put Ford black lugs on at dealer pickup. For sale are the stock chrome colored lugs were stock from dealer with zero miles. All four wheels and spare. 27 in all. Buyer pays shipping. $120.
  4. New Bronco Shaking

    So as discussed in other parts of this forum, I received my new bronco and I absolutely love it. I drive about 30 miles on I 75 to get to work. Usually the speed is anywhere from 75 to 85. Once I hit 75 there was a definite shaking coming from the front end of the car when it only had 50 miles...
  5. Ford Front Camera Dealer states GPS Module Needed for Install???

    I was going to use my four points to buy and have the four dealership install the front facing camera. Ford‘s website list the install price as 200 but the dealership says it actually takes more time and is charging$284. They also stay there within their install instructions there is a GPS...
  6. Florida Extended Warranty Monopoly

    So in Florida, there is a state law that a warranty offered by one Ford dealer must be same as the next Ford dealer. A 100k mile Ford warranty was around $3400. Being a part of this great board, I was aware of the Granger deal, called and got my quote, right around $1500 for equivalent...
  7. Wildtrak Lux Delivered Florida 7/15/20 Reservation

    Mathews Curie Ford in Nokomis, FL, honored all pricing, gave me a great trade in price, and cheered for me along the way. Reggie in sales did a great job. Love the new Bronco. Wife needs the steps, so I might need to sale the Rock rails and Gatorbacks I ordered. RekGen son the way...
  8. Stickerfab Bronco Blue Oval Blackout Warning

    Arrived on time. Average quality. Figured I’d roll with it. Bronco arrived today. Found out why they give you 4 stickers. It will look like crap. Four times in a row. Won’t refund money. Says my fault on install. If you want to waste cash, @StickerFab is a sure found way. Do yourself a...
  9. Paint the Horsie on the Flappie

    Considering changing the color of the white bronco horse on my Gatorbacks to match the carbonized gray of my vehicle. Nothing else is white, so either black it out or gray. I’ve read some forums to clean with alcohol, then use the craft store oil based permanent paint markers. Any other...
  10. Anyone install black lug nuts?

    Anyone use this yet?
  11. The $1500 Mud Flap Fix🌋

    Bronco expected to arrive end of month. Blend date 5/3. Side steps in place. I’m considering ordering rock rails and the gator back mud flaps with my Ford Pass points. Then, maybe try to sell my steps here. Would anyone be interested? Is this stupid to do? I like the Rek Gens at $240, but...
  12. Sasquatch with factory running boards - Ford Provide a Fix!

    Sasquatch with factory running boards. Memorized entire forum on this subject. No good aftermarket options. And $950 for mud flaps has me looking into buying rock rails just to have an option for flaps. At build time, no one knew that rock chips and mud/snow buildup were such an issue. How...
  13. ZRoadz Rock Slider Steps Mud Flaps

    Anyone know if mud flaps will fit. Manufacturer states they have not tried. Thanks
  14. Mud Flap options that work with Factory Steps?

    I’ve hit the bottom of Google. Is there mud flaps that can be easily installed with factory tube steps? Or should I sell the factory steps and buy something I can install mud flaps with? Looks as if Zroadz might be able to install mud flaps easily. Thanks
  15. Deciphering help

    Received this email from dealer. Anyone decipher? I thought Hoss could be added now. And what does previewing mean time wise. Thanks for any input🙏 Your order is previewing... which means it has a good chance of being pulled and scheduled .. I will know for sure Friday... For that reason...
  16. Ukraine Microchip Parts-Another Delay

    It looks like Ukraine supplies a lot of neon and Palladium that is used in microchips. Being one of the worlds leading suppliers for both. This should not be good as we continue to wait on more micro chips...