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  1. AR | BRONCO CLASSIC DNA Fender Badge

    I will need the black Badlands Sasquatch as soon as they’re available.😎
  2. Show me your Bronco Dogs! 🐕

    Jogi and Triskit. They never need any coaching to get in the Bronco!😎
  3. Datoad

    SoCal Broncos

    Child proof door latches.
  4. Broncos Pulling Trailers Pics - Add Yours

    Just pulled the boat out of the garage to test run on the garden hose. The wife had the truck so I hitched up the Bronco! pulled it out and back in with no problem!😎
  5. Highway Robbery or The New Norm

    I was a day two reservation and my dealer agreed to MSRP. I have never checked but I would expect the ones they sell now have ADM. My loaded Badlands Sasquatch was $68,000 and I thought that was high. Supply and demand will control the market as always, house’s, boat’s, RV’s, food, gasoline…..
  6. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    My wife and I are both 68. We bought a 4 door mostly for the extra space for our two dogs and some cargo but we also have a Jeep LJ Rubicon (2dr.), Mustang Convertible (2dr.), and an Expedition (4dr.).😎
  7. What gas mileage are you getting with 2.7 and SAS?

    Mine has averaged 17.5 since new (5000 mi) and gets 20 on the highway if I keep it around 70.
  8. The one thing my old Jeep has over my Bronco

    I have driven my Jeep for 16 years including places like Moab and have never put the windshield down.😎
  9. Broncos Pulling Trailers Pics - Add Yours

    I used to pull a 13’ Scamp with a VW Rabbit . Traveled with wife and two small kids. The Rabbit handled the little trailer so well I would think it would be a piece of cake behind a Bronco.
  10. Looking for a 4-Door Bronco with a Hard Top to Test a Roof Rack.

    I live in Fontana and am retired so I could probably bring ours by anytime.
  11. California 4 Door Rock Rails, like new, complete with instructions

    Buyer didn’t show, these are still available.
  12. California 4 Door Rock Rails, like new, complete with instructions

    Hide and protect that ugly pinch weld. I have a set of 4 door rock rails removed from my wife’s Badlands. They are in like new condition with all brackets and bolts. I have even gone ahead and printed out the installation instructions from ford. I am asking $300, local pick up only . Located in...
  13. What step sliders to buy?

    I just installed the Rock Slide engineering ones last week because the wife has a bad knee😎
  14. Bronco 2.7L Gas Mileage tracked -- a 10,000 mile detailed report

    I just got to Lake Havasu Az. After a 250mi. drive from So. Cal. 2.7 Badlands Sasquatch 4door. I was in no hurry so set cruise at a couple over the speed limit, basically all interstate and arrived with the display showing 20.3 MPG.
  15. Spare tire bumper squeak!

    I have the same issue. Can anybody tell me how to remove the bumpers from the tailgate? I put some lube between the bumpers and the tailgate which stopped the squeak so I was thinking of putting some double sided trim tape on them so they won’t rub on the paint.
  16. Attended Bronco Off-Roadeo Nevada

    That was a great day, great people, great vehicle. my wife and I were the old couple third in line. I let/made my wife drive the whole day. There was a few times she said she was a little scared but now she says she might do the Off-roadeo in Moab even if Ford won’t be paying.
  17. Grumper

    It’s a little early for April Fools Day posts isn’t it?😎
  18. Rockslide Engineering Steps - GROUP BUY has started!

    I was hoping to get in on the February group buy but you have not replied To my email from last week on how to place my order.
  19. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    I don’t know, it happened while driving on the freeway after dark. The low tire alarm came on at 27psi and by the time the wife pulled off and into a gas station it was down to 8psi. There was a puncture but nothing in it.