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  1. Cleaning behind the spare tire?

    Anyone have a trick to clean behind the tire? Quite dirty there And can't get good scrub with my hands
  2. Aries Actiontrac Steps installed

    Just swapped out the OEM Steps for these, due to little kids having issues climbing in. They work great! Install by myself took a few hours, but nothing terribly hard. 3/5 on difficulty, just due to running wires. .
  3. OBX lifted and new tires - Rough Country 3.5" lift and 285/75R18 on the stock rims

    Did the rough country 3.5 lift and 285/75R18 on the stock rims. Went with the Nitro Terra Grappler G2 for something a bit chunkier but also not terrible road noise. Loving it, at 6'6, I like having a truckas tall as me, and with the sidesteps, the kids can still get in.