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  1. The Sams Club tire guy said... bigger tires will tear up my transfer case, transmission, engine, suspension, brakes

    At one time (don't know about current practices) I was told that to hit their price-point/margin etc. that vendors would cut a corner here &, the code on Michelin Size(s) I checked there had an added code Letter at the end versus the same exact one(s) I checked at other tire...
  2. Ford Accessories Discount thru 8/31/22

    Check it out at : accessories. After their phone # not working; and, 3 chats, I was able to order 3 items. Especially the Bronco 2dr Tube door kit at a nice discount. To order this door kit> (it ain't on the website without these hieroglyphics)...
  3. Ways to eek out better gas mileage?!

    Interested in the air filter swapout (Whipple)-source, cost, etc.? thx!
  4. Order Tracking?

    Is there a site to access where I can input vin and my dealer order #??
  5. Base, Sasquatch, 2.3, hardtop, manual

    So do we (ordere
  6. 2022 Bronco Base Scheduled!

    Thx to all the comments; I feel for those who are waiting AND waited far longer than us. At order the salesman said you"should get yours by the fall--they like to build those (base-plain)they can build them largest in our state, so that might have helped. Sometimes the ball just...
  7. 2022 Bronco Base Scheduled!

    Salesman called this afternoonwith VIN and news that it is scheduled w/o 9/05/22. Should get delivery early October. Ordered March 7th @ cutoff. Salesman said he was afraid they were going to shove us into a '23; good news for us. Evidently they are filling the orders made by cutoff. We'll...
  8. Bronco Team Engineering Confirms 7.0 Quarts for 2.7L Engine Oil Change is Correct

    This is intriguing, to say the least--at least to me. We have a '21 F-150 with 2.7. Manual says 6 with filter. One son has a 2.7 Bronco. Oil has 2 purposes: lubing(friction) AND Cooling. Since a lot of Broncos are destined off-road and lugging, etc. 7 with filter makes sense to me BUT...