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  1. BRONCOVER Last Call for August Delivery!

    Any update? I still didn’t get a shipping notification.
  2. There’s water in my airbag

    Rained all day yesterday. This greeted me this morning. It was spitting out of there when I turned corners.
  3. Anyone old school graphics yet?

    You could probably take it to any car wrapping place and they could whip up something for you.
  4. Good News, and Mostly Bad News - 2021 in 2022

    Jesus, and I thought mine sitting around with no explanation for a couple weeks was bad. I can't even explain how pissed I would be to be getting a 2021 vehicle delivered 5 months into 2022. If Ford doesn't offer some form of compensation for you guys, it proves they are a trash company that...
  5. JcrOffroad Fold down molle table has been released!

    I removed the black coating down to bare metal on the tabs. Even after that they barely fit. I can see a bit of bare metal after it’s assembled, but I’m going to just throw some black paint on there and it won’t be noticeable anymore.
  6. JcrOffroad Fold down molle table has been released!

    Anyone else find it impossible to put the tabs on the table top into the slots in the table bottom? ETA: I got it to work, but I had to beat it into submission and use a dremel.
  7. kypt

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    Nice! Congrats!
  8. Trigger warning: My Dealer Said... They paid a res holder to let the dealer flip their Bronco

    If I was a dealer, I would tell every customer with a reservation that I will gladly sell them their Bronco when it comes in for MSRP. I would also offer them a cash payment to just walk away. Their choice. I was honestly surprised my dealer didn't do this.
  9. 🤬 Naughty Bad Dealerships Hall of Shame ("Surprise ADM" List)

    They can do whatever they want. I have been to dealerships that would accept, and some that wouldn't.
  10. kypt

    Broncos of Pennsylvania

    I got my shipped email well after it shipped, and my delivered email a couple days after I picked it up. Your dealer probably knows best.
  11. 2022 Bronco Raptor Rendered with Camo Fully Removed. Yikes!

    Flares designed by Dark Helmet.
  12. GearShade SunShade Tops for Broncos

    How do you get the wrinkles (creases) out after shipping? Shipping rolled up would avoid those.
  13. Maryland Bronco Buyers - Where did you purchase from?

    I bought from Ramsey in Rising Sun. They gave me verbal confirmation early on that they'd charge MSRP, and they followed through. I reserved day 1. They are adding an adjustment to orphaned or non-reserved Broncos. Not sure what they'd do if you tried to order one now.
  14. Door Panel Cargo Nets

    How is the vinyl attached? If I buy these can I easily remove it? I think it would look better without it.
  15. 2.3 Manual owner them here!

    Agreed, especially the 1st gear part.
  16. Found someone’s Bronco

    Parked at the Holiday Inn in Staunton, VA. Driver wasn’t around so couldn’t ask where he was headed.
  17. No wheel lock on spare

    Don’t know, was assuming they came with the vehicle. There was a pile of stuff in the back but I didn’t see the locks specifically.
  18. No wheel lock on spare

    Yeah, but they won't let me booby trap it so I'll roll with these. They're cheap and if I can at least annoy a thief with them for a few seconds I call it a victory.
  19. No wheel lock on spare

    The guy that put my order in at the dealership added it to my build. It comes as a dealer installed option, so they just threw them in the vehicle at the factory and the dealer put them on (80% it seems) right before delivery. There are aftermarket options available. Not sure which ones would...
  20. Badlands & Orange Trim

    I hope they change it, but I can imagine it's pretty tough to walk back once they've established the trim colors.