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  1. And it’s begun... Bronco Raptor flippers 🤦

    when it takes 10-12 weeks to get title from DMV, how does one even manage a flip? And what if you were making payments on a loan. The bank owns the title. How does one manage that flip?
  2. Cactus Gray Painted Steelies

    Did you paint those yourself, or have it done? Care to share pricing?
  3. Jeep Marketing now "Ducking" to avoid loosing sales to Bronco

    Heres my new Bronco. I paid MSRP. Include the Extreme Recon 35 package. I waited 5 weeks for delivery. And it came in a fun bright color. With a real tachometer , parking brake and without turbo (87 octane). Way fun to drive.
  4. How long have you been waiting?

    I’ve been playing with my Jeep High Tide for the past 90 days. Been on many off road rides. This vehicle is a blast. I like the cluster with real tachometer. I like having a real parking brake with pull handle. The bright high Velocity color looks great. My Bronco order? Maybe it will get here...
  5. I can’t be the only one that LOVES this…..

    Right. Cupholders aren’t just for beverages anymore. Two beverages, but add two cell phones, one gmrs radio. With Apple Carplay/ Android auto you don’t need to look at cellphones anymore. They just need to be stored somewhere.
  6. Has anyone NOT picked up their bronco? any experiences with reselling their MY22?

    “Immediately”. Absolutely not. You can’t sell a vehicle without a title. Not going to happen when the state DMV takes six to eight weeks minimum to deliver the title.
  7. Love the squared off fenders of the Heritage Edition!

    Its not at all clear on what you are talking about. Are you just talking about the shape of the plastic fender flares? Aren't those the same plastic fenders used on the 2022 Everglades package?
  8. Walkie Talkie Thread

    I ended up with two Radioditty GM-30 GMRS radios. I picked up a package that included a computer USB interface cable. Here’s the radio. Why two radios? To practice and understand how things work. The repeater concept is not immediately intuitive. The USB cable makes it much easier to update...
  9. Video: how my grill got smashed

    That ice crunch sound brought back painful memories. I was in an US Army combat school in really cold weather. We had a low crawl pit with 1' of water, and barbed wire strung about 4" above that. It was 17 deg F outside. I was the first guy in line. I was like, hey this is going to be cool...
  10. In lot Broncos at MSRP?

    Not where I live. If you trade in a vehicle for a new purchase, none of that value counts against sales tax for the purchase of the second vehicle. In this case you'd only pay the sales tax on the first vehicle. The second vehicle is funded via trade in to the dealer. Obviously not true if...
  11. Is ICON the only maker of hub centric 93.1 wheels?

    I don't agree, but hey where is this going? I will say, quoting an ambulance chaser Ph.D "expert" is not my kind of reference. I read that article as someone selling his services to the highest (lawyer) bidder for lawsuits involving vehicle accidents. I'd prefer to see the engineering test...
  12. Is ICON the only maker of hub centric 93.1 wheels?

    Remember that old movie "All the President's Men" The answer there is "Follow the money". Pretend you are a wheel manufacturer. Tooling and investment money is EXTREMELY expensive. How many bore diameters do you want to manage within your manufacturing facility? Pick one. make it easy. I...
  13. Is ICON the only maker of hub centric 93.1 wheels?

    I used to be an automotive engineer. I once worked on a team that had a problem. At a particular model year launch, the original design team made a design change. They converted the wheel mounting system from Acorn style lug centric attachment to hub centric. The wheel hubs were bored to a...
  14. Best song for driving?
  15. best way to air up without on board air?

    Me too.. I did this on the cheap. Aluminum 10# cylinder from Craigslist ($80) Nice metal handle and 150psi fixed regulator from Preece Precision (~$100 for both) And after reading here about the in vehicle CO2 leak I still need a solid mount.
  16. My Bronco Died Today, Deep Into a Remote Trail [Fuel Pump Failure]

    Why purchase when you can rent the tool for free? Autozone tool rental program. Easy peasy.
  17. 35" Spare Tire Cover?

    Here's a nice one...
  18. 35" Spare Tire Cover?

    Or design your own... $154...
  19. How long have you been waiting?

    Ouch. I’m embarrassed to admit I was in the same place. I figured that if I’m going to have a long wait, perhaps I can soften things a bit by picking up something used to get me off-road now! I started looking at all kinds of used 4x4 vehicles. Craigslist,OfferUp, Ebay (sort by distance)...
  20. Door Hinge Wall Mount on Etsy

    Pretend you are opening the door on your vehicle. Where do you think all the weight is supported? Yup, on the two hinge points. And its plenty strong. Remember once the doors are hung on the hinge points for storage, there is no relative movement. (Earthquake aside). Not to worry.