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  1. Cactus Gray Painted Steelies

    I like it! I did the same but in white
  2. Cooled seats option for 2023 Bronco?

    I could see Braptor getting them first.
  3. Ford's official email letter about getting bumped to 2023 model year

    Amen! Same here it’s like pulling teeth to get info. Thank you to all the members for updates!!! Still no email no nothing 3/21 reservation… hopefully the wait will pay off with a Bronco with less bugs 👍🏼
  4. Found my Bronco on truecar should I worry?

    To me its false advertising! Just another frustration in this Bronco cluster of ordering. just my .02
  5. Anyone receive a scheduling email today?

    I confirmed I'm still unscheduled clean and was told that they have extended the possibility of getting a vin up till 09/19 so instead of this week being the cutoff its next Friday for MY22 scheduling. So not holding my breath but haven't seen an email yet!!!
  6. Ford's official email letter about getting bumped to 2023 model year

    I'm a early March 2021 reservation holder still no email....none of this makes sense which isn't surprising at all.
  7. She's finnnnaaalllyyy here!

    Love the color congrats and I concur NO BEANS! 🙃
  8. 2023 Bronco allocations starting!

    Yes indeed...sorry about your situation that is more frustrating !
  9. 2023 Bronco allocations starting!

    Totally agree....I'm screwed my dealer is only allowed 7 per year I'm number 35 so maybe in 5 years ill see something. If I knew that was the case I would've ordered through a larger dealer. Ford doesn't care about the customer cause there will always be another customer to replace the ones that...
  10. Love this vanity plate SQW4TCH

    Ive had a few Sasquatch related plates through the years....currently this is on my Black Diamond. BRAPTOR was on my wives Bronco Sport LMAO....was hoping to buy a Bronco Raptor and transfer the plate no suck luck. YOWIE was on my F150 before I traded it for the BD Bronco and my 1968 F250 has...
  11. Burnz442

    Michigan Bronco Club

    Just placed my ordered! THX
  12. Burnz442

    Michigan Bronco Club

    Can't wait for some BLING!
  13. Integrated Roof/Windshield LED Light Bar System for 2021+ Ford Bronco

    What about attachment with the roof rack?
  14. 12 Broncos Available

    I did the same still waiting for BL SAS 2dr but found a BD SAS 2dr Velocity Blue and haven't looked back. I drove 5 hrs to m make the deal.