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  1. And it’s begun... Bronco Raptor flippers 🤦

    I don't mind the little guy flipping a raptor to some bozo with too much money. What bugs me is that there are obviously people with dealership connections using them to order high demand vehicles with the intention of selling them to the highest bidder.
  2. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Red seems like the right color. Cool rack.
  3. Bronco August 2022 Sales: 10,032 sold / 15,092 produced

    Unless it is on Ford letterhead, a press release, an official email etc. it's just people giving their interpretation. As far as I'm concerned until I hear from my dealership or Ford directly none of this matters.
  4. 2023 Bronco – New Features, Changes, Differences (Including Black Painted MOD Top)

    I am disappointed that a PHEV Bronco hasn't made an appearance yet. I had been hoping for an option to modify my '22 order and snag ≈50 miles of electric range.
  5. Arizona roll call!

    I put an order in for a black diamond SAS back end of February. Email confirmation came for an outer banks. I told dealer (horne) to fix and they said they did but we will see. Eruption green, modular bumper, tow package, mic hard top. I suspect I'll have to re-order. Probably trade up to a...
  6. Is dealer inventory starting to sit?

    So far I haven't seen one that doesn't have ADM where the sticker doesn't say "Special Order". Right now it seems that the only way you're getting a Bronco for MSRP is if you ordered one that way OR if you know someone at a dealership who doesn't have a "i'll pay more" client ready to go when a...
  7. Changing area room off rear cargo area?

    I wish I knew the words to use for this. I'm looking for a tent-like structure that I can put at the back of the bronco, preferably mounted to a rack/rtt that acts as a changing area off the rear cargo access. What I want is to be able to arrive at a ski resort(20+ weekends a year, usually)...
  8. Are gas prices having you question your pending order? [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Similar spot to other people where this is to replace a vehicle with similar or inferior fuel economy. We both WFH and our main daily is a Prius. If the order banks open up with something comparable to a 4xe and i can make that move, i will.
  9. Regretting no squatch. Can I fix my order?

    I've actually ONLY driven a basesquatch model.
  10. Regretting no squatch. Can I fix my order?

    Is this with the stock 32's? Looks great. I feel like you all are talking me off the ledge. If i could go pick up my black diamond tomorrow, I'm sure I'd love it. Yours looks great with the steelies and makes me question my desire to out bronze bead lockers on mine, but in green it just feels so...
  11. Regretting no squatch. Can I fix my order?

    Yeah. I'm conflicted. I emailed the dealer to ask how things will work when the my23 order banks open up, as it's highly unlikely i get a build date before then anyway. Some of the tech, i don't know how it will age (screen, trail cams, etc) but the off-road bits should age well. Basically i...
  12. Regretting no squatch. Can I fix my order?

    Ordered March 1st. Black diamond with no Sasquatch. I chose hardtop AND tow package, and my dealer isn't huge, so i doubt I'm coming up soon. Can I have them modify the order and put Sasquatch on it?
  13. UPDATED - OEM Tube Door installed!

    Im on team green for my build, planning for a bronze wheel. Thinking of matching tube doors to wheels.