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  1. And it’s begun... Bronco Raptor flippers 🤦

    LOL well done Sir. Is yours the elusive Eruption Green
  2. And it’s begun... Bronco Raptor flippers 🤦

    Who wants it? for the low low price of 140K :LOL:
  3. And it’s begun... Bronco Raptor flippers 🤦

    Thats the thing, these people are all probably golden ticket holders, who ordered an FE, within the first few hours. Thats how I got my reservation, so in all reality, you likely didnt order it before them. And like multiple people on this forum have said, this is happening to every vehicle...
  4. And it’s begun... Bronco Raptor flippers 🤦

    Free market. Someone offers me damn near double sticker, Im handing my keys over immediately. One sold on Ebay for 133k last week I think. thats 50k profit (minus sales tax) probably walk away with 35k. I dont know about yall, but an extra 35k in my bank account would be great.
  5. 2023 Bronco Raptor Colors - No More Eruption Green

    Sure am glad I picked this color and mines already built. Who wants to buy it? lol
  6. Easiest Way to resell??

    Kinda figured. Still tbd if I'm keeping it and selling the FE
  7. Easiest Way to resell??

    So whats the easiest way to resell a bronco or braptor? (Currently have an FE that I might want to keep, braptor might be too wide for current living situation). Just drive it to a carmax and ask for a check? lol Do I have to go through registering it and allll that then resell or can I sell...
  8. Getting a Bronco Raptor...what ADM markup?

    I'll send my build someone's way for 35k. Vin given, already built. Waiting for shipment from Michigan. Already have my FE and really enjoy it. Not sure I'd even be able to fit the raptor in my parking deck
  9. ⏳ Bronco Raptor now being scheduled for production & VIN assigned

    Vin in the first 100... wonder if I'll get it this yr... to immediately sell it for 1 million dollars
  10. ⏳ Bronco Raptor now being scheduled for production & VIN assigned

    Well, just heard my Raptor is built. GT holder... but still at the Factory Wonder when it'll get delivered....
  11. What's your magic number?

    That being said... if anyone knows of anyone offering that much... send them my way. :LOL:
  12. What's your magic number?

    If someone offers me say 150K, Id be able to pay off my FE with the difference (Or damn close). Sold immediately and enjoy a debt free Bronco
  13. Early peek @ ROBINS EGG BLUE 2023 Bronco Color, Heritage Edition w/ Squared Flares and Painted MOD Hard Top!

    As an NC State alum... I would never buy a car that's baby blue... My FE in lightning blue hurt enough.
  14. Dealer called 8 mos after delivery - [Update: here's the appreciate kit they gave me as gift!]

    Just reached out to Sean via text and Email. Fingers crossed!
  15. Dealer called 8 mos after delivery - [Update: here's the appreciate kit they gave me as gift!]

    How do I get one of these?? Serramonte, where you at? :LOL:
  16. 6/4 Moab Off-Rodeo

    So is the off-rodeo 1 or two days? for some reason I thought it was more than a single day. I live in Denver, so Ill definitely be attending one in Moab
  17. Mileage check in, who's got the most on their 6th gen Bronco?

    Ive had it 6 months... Put a whopping 1300 miles on it. :LOL:
  18. NHTSA Opens Investigation Into Bronco 2.7L V6 Over Catastrophic Engine Failures

    Sooooo if the 2.7 in my First Edition blows up... can I upgrade to a 3.0... FOR FREEEEEEEEE??? :LOL::LOL::LOL:
  19. Dont break your side mirrors.... entire housing part is $1800.00

    $1910 after taxes and a month wait... Sooooo, maybe time to sell and downgrade to something without cameras :cry: