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  1. Sasquatch beadlock rings from KMC

    Any update on this? Would love to be able to pickup some KMC rings with the drain holes to be able to use on the factory SAS wheels if possible
  2. Toronto to Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon and Back in The Hulk Badlands Bronco

    Might be a stupid question, but how do you get the amber signature lines to stay on for the front headlights? Is this a forscan thing? Or are you just putting the hazards on while capturing the pics?
  3. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    Picked my Bronco up Monday the 12th, which just happened to also be my 30th birthday. The folks at Chapman were awesome, and the Bronco is amazing. Wayyy exceeded my expectations. 790 days after the initial preorder, but glad to finally get it!
  4. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    Bronco has been delivered and working out a pickup time with Chapman. I'm expecting this coming weekend or very early next week and I'll finally get ahold of it!
  5. 17" vs. 18" wheels

    Neither of which is going to give you a noticeable advantage/disadvantage in anything performance related. Comfort is going to come more from the size of sidewall and PSI in the tires, and unless you're going to be running rubber band tires on either the 17 or 18 inch wheel, the comfort is...
  6. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    Looks like we skipped over all of possible ways I could track the Bronco and went straight to delivered! Every single tracker, backdoor, regular Ford tracker, and OrderTrack are all showing the same thing, so I'd say it has to be legit. Chapman has been getting swamped with inventory, and from...
  7. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    Negative! Pretty much no update anywhere since I got the shipped email. Ordertrack site still showing ASN for vehicle status. The only thing that that has seemed to change is my EDD on the backdoor link, which was pushed from 8/19-8/25 TO 8/29-9/4. I'm guessing from the lack of updates I'm...
  8. Oooof...How NOT To Paint Your Beauty Rings

    Agree, however I don't go out and create an instructional "how-to" video when I'm just learning something.
  9. Comparison: Bronco vs Jeep (spoiler) Bronco hate by LiteBrite

    Stay on this forum long enough, you'll find quite a few people on here who will go to bat for each and every Bronco complaint like their on Ford's payroll; that is what I'm referring to.
  10. Comparison: Bronco vs Jeep (spoiler) Bronco hate by LiteBrite

    This is the most refreshing thing I've read on this forum in months. I understand this is a Bronco enthusiast forum, but the amount of blue oval purist on here who would rather be caught dead then name a single bad thing about their beloved Bronco is ridiculous. Without complaints, nothing...
  11. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    Finally got the shipped email! No shot it gets here in the estimated ETA they have posted, but just glad its FINALLY almost here
  12. Spare tire utility basket!

    Finally! I've been looking for a place to store my 2 liter mountain dew and deep deep dish pizza! Always love your guys marketing! Great looking product as well
  13. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    Weekly Wednesday update, still stuck on Ramp 4G, still no status update since 7/12. Just want the damn thing shipped. I truly believe these day 1 preorders are a curse
  14. New wheels/tires arrived….still no Bronco

    That is a decent point. Come 2030 when OP finally gets his Bronco, these tires might be questionable
  15. New wheels/tires arrived….still no Bronco

    Could very well store them for years in the garage with absolutely no dry rot...lets not be crazy here.
  16. Built to Delivery timeline question

    Been sitting in a built status since 7/1 with zero update since then. Delivery estimates have been pushed back about 3 times now. That all being said, once shipped, I've seen folks in my build week group getting deliveries to that area in 2/3 weeks
  17. Did the backdoor link change?

    I check the backdoor site almost daily on desktop, just checked and it looks 99% the same. Looks like, if anything, there's some page formatting issues that making things look stretched in some areas and pushed together in others.
  18. sas doesnt make sense if you have a badlands

    Gearing alone if you're moving to 37+ tires is worth the $2500 additional. A re-gear job is going to cost you $2000+ just to have that done. Then you can sell off the Squatch wheel/tires to recoup the additional cost when you purchase a new set of wheels/tires. It's all about the end goal of...
  19. After a 2+ year wait, we got our 2-door Wildtrak. And then... totaled?

    I'll start this off by saying this is absolutely terrible. As someone who has waited equally as long, and still doesn't have their Bronco, this would devastate me. That all being said, I don't think there's THAT much damage. What is leading you to believe the suspension "on all 4 corners" is...
  20. 4/18/22 Build Week Group.

    EDD of 8/2 is here and Bronco isn't (no surprise), so had to reach out to Ford chat. Bronco's been on Ramp 4G apparently since 7/12 with no status update since. Fully expecting to not see this thing till September at the earliest at this rate