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  1. Easiest Way to resell??

    So whats the easiest way to resell a bronco or braptor? (Currently have an FE that I might want to keep, braptor might be too wide for current living situation). Just drive it to a carmax and ask for a check? lol Do I have to go through registering it and allll that then resell or can I sell...
  2. Dont break your side mirrors.... entire housing part is $1800.00

    Clipped a post and broke the housing.. all the electronics still work (camera, lights, proximity indicator)... (FE 4 door, thankfully no damage to vehicle, just the mirror) Doesn't matter. Entire housing is $1800.00 In shock... figured it'd be pricey, but wow. Save yourselves!!!
  3. Shop for PPF wrapping in Denver area

    Does anyone have any recommendations for shop in the Denver area to get a full stealth wrap done? Also, any idea on what they're charging? I've seen quotes from 4k up to 8k