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  1. Found the negative terminal loose

    I picked up my 2022 BD 4 door Bronco in July after it sat in Michigan from build date of April to when it was delivered to the dealership in July. I was adding some grille lights and went to connect the ground lead to the battery terminal when I found that the connector was sitting on the...
  2. Cactus Gray Painted Steelies

    Nice touch
  3. Interior lights stay on when driving

    Sounds like a faulty door sensor...
  4. Bestop Sunrider for Modular Hardtop - anyone install yet?

    I will be picking one up in the spring, getting ready for fall/winter season here in the Northeast....
  5. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    Just put in grille lights...I like the look.
  6. Grille Amber Lamps for Ford Bronco 4 Door

    Got 'em in today....had a little trouble at first (thought the fuse tap was bad) but quickly got 'er squared away...I like the look and it was super easy to install. Thanks @Jason-Ecarzo CEO ..ignore the email query I sent through Amazon.
  7. AREA 51 Bronco Club

    Traded a 2021 BD four door soft top Area 51 for a 2022 BD four door hard top Area 51...Here is a picture of me picking it up..that's the sales person I dealt with...nice girl. Last image is 2021 soft top with my BD aluminum rims, they went to the 2022.
  8. NEW--Soft Top Noise Cancelation Technology 'er in for a hardtop version.
  9. Grille Amber Lamps for Ford Bronco 4 Door

    Saw the video, liked the product and ordered a set for my Black Diamond...I like the look.
  10. Do all 22’s with trailer hitch include wiring harness?

    My 22 also has both the hitch and the wiring.
  11. What interest rate is everyone getting as of today?

    My credit union gave me 1.49% for a 48 month loan. The dealer was amazed.
  12. Sayonara! Sold my Bronco and bought a Crosstrek.

    I gotta admit, I preferred Mary Ann over Ginger anyways....but, I do like my 2022 Black Diamond 4 door