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  1. Hello all. What’s an average wait time for a Bronco with limited options added?

    Big Bend 4 door, mid package, MIC top, 2.3L, 4.27 rear with locker. Just over 11 months from order to delivery.
  2. Cactus Gray Painted Steelies

    Looking good! Waiting for my Cactus Grey to arrive in MA. Due any day now!
  3. 🔧 8/22/22 Build Week Group 🔧

    Last update I was able to track down is that my CSX railcar was unloaded last Thursday at a yard in New York about an hour and a half from the dealership. Fingers crossed that a truck is scheduled to pick it up any day now.
  4. His & Hers Broncos - Post Yours!

    Looks great! Stock suspension on the OBX?
  5. 🔧 8/22/22 Build Week Group 🔧

    Modules popped yesterday evening and Ford's tracker shows built this morning. 8/27 blend and no tear tag listed, but it's finally starting to feel real 🤙
  6. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    Any issues with clearance running stock wheels and 35s with the lift? Or are you running wheel spacers?
  7. 🔧 8/22/22 Build Week Group 🔧

    This quells my worries somewhat! My build week and then projected dates have bounced around a bit and was last told a build date of 8/27, which was the last thing I wanted to hear. Fingers crossed for better news soon!
  8. 🔧 8/22/22 Build Week Group 🔧

    Bumped here from 8/15. Received a scheduled build date of 8/25 this morning from Ford Chat after not receiving a window sticker last week. This is my fourth build week.
  9. 8/15/22 Build Week Group

    Ended up here from weeks of 7/25 and then 8/8. Talked to Ford Chat last week and got a build date of 8/18. No window sticker as of last night. Reached out to Ford Chat again, bumped to a build date of 8/25. The wait continues... Ordered 10/16/21. Big Bend 4 door, mid package, MIC top, 4.27 rear...