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  1. 🛠 1/3/22 Build Week Group

    Oh hey what’s up guys. Had my doors and top off for 2 weeks until Friday when all the rain from Ian reached NC.
  2. Capable bumper D-ring paint

    Thanks man I saw those I ended up doing this:
  3. I ordered a Ford Maverick, anyone else?

    If it does I'd def be sold. The 2-wheel drive is fine for 99% of the time, especially when I have a bronco, but 1% of the time I need to throw a dead deer in a truck bed, and sometimes that's not right on the paved road, ha.
  4. I ordered a Ford Maverick, anyone else?

    I wonder why that is? Does it not work on an engineering-level? Or Ford just doesn't offer it? I reserved a lightning, they have my $100 but I never got the invite to order it, and with the price jumps on that I doubt that's out. Looking more at maverick and ranger
  5. I ordered a Ford Maverick, anyone else?

    You can't get hybrid and all-wheel drive combo, right? I do like these trucks.
  6. Headlight / plastic polishing

    Thanks so this is the one you got?
  7. Headlight / plastic polishing

    do you have a link to which PPF you bought?
  8. Repainted Scratched Rear Cargo Panels Prior to Installing Rear Molle Panels Over Them

    Perfect Been looking for some kind of solution to protect that area from scratches.
  9. My Tire Journey with a 2dr Black Diamond SAS (3 sets of tires in 3 months)

    Oh wow old thread resurrected! I ended up getting same tires as the OP 285-70-17 KO2s for my non-SAS BD Love them so far.
  10. 34's no lift Black Diamond

    Any issue with the crash bars? I have 33s on my BD. Been looking at 34s for the next set.
  11. Pics from Bronco Celebration West Buena Vista - add yours!

    Thats it!! I was there in 2020 packing an elk out in the snow. Remember it well.....50 degree temp change in 24 hours. I'm gonna drive my BD out next year from NC. I'm always in crested butte between sept 1 and 14.
  12. Pics from Bronco Celebration West Buena Vista - add yours!

    I was in the area (crested buttte) hunting....drove back to Denver yesterday and saw a lot of broncos as I drove through Buena Vista and Leadville.... I saw this beautiful '66 or '67 green (boxwood maybe) bronco with a matching "bronco-end" trailer....most beautiful thing I've ever seen, I wish...
  13. Super Celebration West - Roll Call

    Just realized this is right by where I'm hunting right now......I'm over in Mt. Crested Butte...sadly I didn't drive my Black Diamond out from North Carolina, but I might ride over to Buena Vista and check out some Broncos. Any of you guys in Crested Butte right now? I've been seeing a few...
  14. Witnessed the infamous TIE ROD SNAP!

    That was @DaBroncstah. Yes, “he” did. 🤣 I’m the guy that broke one at Uwharrie in my stock Black Diamond (well, 33” tires instead of stock 32s).
  15. North Carolina SOLD.

    Had extra set Sorry need to update they are sold
  16. Tarheel_Wes

    Broncos Of The Carolinas

    @FireBall yes this was me earlier this summer.
  17. Tarheel_Wes

    Broncos Of The Carolinas

    @FireBall @Blackcat Yea it can handle it. But search the forums for my “snapped a tie rod” thread. I just got the broncbuster braces. Not cheap. But worth it