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  1. MGV passenger front seat fit and finish?

    I had similar damage to my headrest when delivered. Dealer replaced it in a week.
  2. Stock Black Diamond Grabber tires with optional factory rims - feedback / photos?

    I am fairly happy with the wheel/tire combo. I was thinking of upgrading first thing, but the black steel is understated in a good way. Size compared to overall Bronco is proportional imo. No complaints about the grabbers after 10k
  3. Local Bronco Testing

    Westminster 4dr black diamond 2.7 mid soft top
  4. Best way to sell Bronco?

    My bronco has 10k miles on the od, 2021 black diamond 4dr 2.7, and car max offered 8k over msrp for it about two weeks ago
  5. This may sound like a feature... but my auto stop/start seems to never operate anymore...

    That’s the extent of my troubleshooting knowledge. Good luck, or maybe not good luck and you just saved yourself having to buy the auto start/stop disable
  6. Your Gas pedal has rubber: yes or no

    Just when you think you know someone…
  7. Virginia For Sale: 5 Outer Banks wheels & tires $600

    I’m interested, we’re these take offs? What’s the mileage/wear
  8. No GPS Signal

    My bad you’re correct it is the power and next button
  9. No GPS Signal

    You can force sync to restart while driving by holding the power and play button down. That may fix your issue without having to stop and wait
  10. Soft Top Issues

    That is happening slightly to mine. I rarely have my top down. I was not super concerned.
  11. Finally!

  12. Number of Broncos Produced by Trim Level? this thread was helpful in terms of originally figuring out what was being ordered. I am not sure how accurate it is anymore…
  13. Number of Broncos Produced by Trim Level?

    I saw an article claiming black diamond is most popular. Idk where that stat came from, if it was orders or sold or built.
  14. Heated Seats NOT Missing (Pls Ignore)

    In my 21 black diamond front heated seats came with the mid package.
  15. 2.7L Oil Change Tips + Replacement Drain Plugs

    Yeah, I ended up pulling the generic aftermarket one I bought out and putting a new oem one and it had a much snugger fit.