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  1. Use for the door latch push/pull "lock" button?

    Not really. The forum is about predicated around Bronco related questions. I was genuinely curious and have had some quality replies. You don’t have to answer or even read the question.
  2. Use for the door latch push/pull "lock" button?

    Also i believe that the double-pull to open/unlock (on the other vehicles with electric lock only) is triggered electronically. So in the event of power failure, the occupant is still screwed..
  3. Use for the door latch push/pull "lock" button?

    With the physical key inside the key fob..
  4. Use for the door latch push/pull "lock" button?

    Nope. This is why it makes me wonder why my '19 Ford Edge and '20 Ford Ranger only have electronic lock buttons with no manual lock option. There's no consistency..
  5. Use for the door latch push/pull "lock" button?

    That's the most plausible reasoning yet. That or what Silver-bolt mentioned that it is required for certain vehicles.. What piqued my curiosity is that neither my Edge or Ranger have the redundant manual/electronic lock feature (just electric) but the Bronco does. The owner's manual glossing...
  6. Use for the door latch push/pull "lock" button?

    That is true. Yet if that were a widespread concern, why doesn't every vehicle come with both manual and electric lock/unlock buttons? Is the Bronco somehow more susceptible to lock/unlock failure than others? The owners manual doesn't address it at all, leaving it open to question...
  7. Use for the door latch push/pull "lock" button?

    Not at all. The question is: why is this lock/unlock (ie manual and electric) redundancy needed? Why not just have the electric buttons and be done with it? What’s the point..
  8. Use for the door latch push/pull "lock" button?

    I wish that was the excuse:p.
  9. Use for the door latch push/pull "lock" button?

    I haven't been able to find an identified use for the door latch push/pull "lock" button (see pic below). The owner's manual does not address it. I assume it is a manual lock--but what would the purpose be if there's already electric lock/unlock buttons? Can someone solve this probably simple...
  10. Official Big Bend Club

    Did not know there was a nudge bar available for the standard (non-modular) Bronco bumper..Very cool!
  11. Soft racks on a soft top?

    Yes..the hitchmount looks like the ticket. You can have your soft top up or down without rack restriction. It'll also work on a pickup truck--which is cool added bonus..
  12. 2.7L blown engine failure list . . 66 so far [Updated: September 21]

    Btw that IH Scout is a beaut! Super nice.. 🤩
  13. Bronco Sport Owner says…”I thought I bought the new Bronco”

    I can remember around January (just before orders started getting taken after the reservations period) calling around different dealerships to ask about their allocations/timeframe etc and a couple of them said "we've got Bronco's right now! Wanna come down and test drive it!?". Now i knew they...
  14. Love remote start

    Ford actually stopped charging for the FordPass Connect back in '19. Used to be a subscription fee.. Ford dropped the fee in 2019
  15. VIOLENT Window Rattle’s totally worth it though. Pretty minor gripe overall tbh because it’ll be eventually correctable. Believe me the rest of the Bronco experience is a blast and makes up for it in spades so no biggie really..
  16. VIOLENT Window Rattle

    Pencil me in as having the same issue with violent glass rattle while the windows are positioned anywhere from 2 inches to halfway down. Sounds like they are going to shatter even at the smallest of bumps in the road. It would be great to get a fix or solution for this before windows start...
  17. Update on Adhesive on Soft Window

    If you haven't tried the low-setting heat gun approach yet--try it. The heat will soften the adhesive making it easier for the cleaning solution to remove. Unless of course you're enjoying the newfound revenue stream--in which case, nevermind..