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  1. 2022 build date

    At the risk of getting lots of hate and death threats;)....let me pose a question. I made an order at my dealer on 10/13 (tossed 🙈$500.00 into the ford well of forgetfulness to process the order) for 22 OBX / 4dr / 2.7L / SAS / soft top / Lux / Mod Bumper / leather seats / no tow package I...
  2. one pedal driving on OB....Possible?

    Forgive me if this has already been addressed, but i can't seem to find it. Do all the Trim levels have the one - pedal Driving, or just on certian GOAT modes? I am on order for an OB. (3 month follower, 1st time poster:rolleyes:)