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  1. Baja Mode on Pavement (2wd)?

    I saw something a while back saying you could select Baja mode and then switch it to 2wd for use on pavement. Asking because I have a Badlands on order that doesn’t come with sport mode. The 2.7 without sport mode lacks some punch. I know you could enable sport mode by using forscan but would...
  2. Considering changing trim & doors that will result in loss of price protection & increase delays

    I have a 4dr hardtop with 7 constraints on order from Granger. I am approx #100 on the list. Zach confirmed that if I switch from Badlands to Wildtrack and go from 4 door to 2 door that I will lose price protection. The money is not a big issue for me but I have no idea how much more that would...
  3. Farley: Ford to prioritize new Electric Ford Lightning truck for semi-conductor chips

    Announced today that ford is ramping up production from 40,000 Ford Lightning pickups to 150,000 next year and they will get priority for the chips. This would seem to be problematic for us still waiting.
  4. Thinking of ordering a Polaris RZR Pro XP 1000 while I wait for another year for my Bronco

    I am a Granger client who still is at least a year away from delivery. July 2020 res, like #330 in the line at Granger. Thinking second half of 2023. Bought a lake house and the community allows for UTV’s to be driven on city streets with the right permit. Will take it off road as well...
  5. What is the best way (not cheapest way) to lift your Bronco?

    I have a Sasquatch on the eternal waiting list. I am Considering a few different options. 1) get aftermarket wheels with a reduced or 0 offset Combined with a true 35” tire. Will these rub? Admittedly this will be not be used as a hard core off roader like many of you. 2) Lifting the vehicle...
  6. ETA for Granger demo’s to arrive?

    @[email protected] - do you have an estimated arrival date for your demo’s to arrive?
  7. Can the Bronco soft top be permanently removed?

    how hard would it be to remove the entire soft top from the bronco? i would almost consider switching my order from mod top to soft top to get it earlier if I knew i could remove the soft top all together. And then just wait for hard tops to become available. I don’t like the look of the soft...
  8. Neighbor just bought a 392 wrangler

    Neighbor asked me to stop over so he could show me his new 392 black Rubicon. Loved the wheels. Had fox shocks. Exhaust note was wicked with valves open. The rest was typical Rubicon. Looks like I will need to buy a Warthog now.
  9. What is the verdict on being able to remove the second row seats in a 2 dr?

    I searched but didn’t find an answer. Anybody have insight on the latest thoughts on being able to remove the second row of seats in the 2 dr? Thanks Tag
  10. Dealer’s “Banker’s Hours”

    I got a call from my well known dealer to schedule my appt. I happened to be in a meeting at the time and couldn’t take the call and they left me instructions on who to call back. So I called back 3 different times trying to reschedule my appt. No answer on the first two attempts. Finally got...
  11. What package is required to get heated steering wheel/ heated seats?

    We had temps drop into the 20’s last night and it actually snowed. Was driving my Rubicon this morning and remembered what a nice perk it was to have heated seats/steering wheel. Does the heated wheel/seats come standard on some trims or does it require the lux package? Thanks
  12. Is Badlands w/Sasquatch the same width as Wildtrak?

    I assume that badlands with Sasquatch is the same width as the wildtrak. Is that correct?
  13. Odds that the Build & Price portal crashes after launch in August?

    Hoping the Ford CIO has completed the needed load testing on the Build & Price tool to ensure it can handle the internet traffic. With all of the pent up excitement and outstanding questions on what really is offered, this portal is going to get slammed like the opening of the ACA portal when...
  14. Sport mode causing me to switch from badlands to wildtrak

    Based on what we know many of us cannot configure our ideal Bronco. This is not a knock on Ford. The options are excellent. Just wish we had more flexibility to configure the options. i had planned on the badlands version and then optioning it out to be similar to F/E which I could not reserve...