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  1. '22 Price protection on a 99'd order?

    Question I have is do I get the price protection rebate for my '22 Badlands 2dr if I 99'd my '21 order I had entered because I wanted to wait for a manual Sasquatch? Since I 99'd my order does this then make me give up the rebate of $975?
  2. Well I did it. 99'd my 7/13 reservation

    After all the delays and uncertainty, I figured I'd just wait until the '22s and be one of the first in line. The biggest concern is that by the end of May, Ford actually comes out with everyone's VIN and expected build date for '21. Then you are stuck with the timing and can't 99 it until next...
  3. Unreal video of Vaughn Gittin driving to edge of world in the Bronco

    What a set this took.
  4. How will we find out delivery time frame?

    In May when they tell us the production schedule and time frame for your specific build, does anyone know how this is communicated? It is updated on your Ford reservation online or will the dealer be contacting us?
  5. Sasquatch with 35's vs base Badlands with 35's

    I thought these two pictures(both posted elsewhere on the forum, not mine) were interesting because they both use the same wheels and tires (I think). One being on a Sasquatch and the other on a base Badlands(non Sasq). The Overland concept always looked off and had no fender gap and I'm...