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  1. Who can I buy a beer that would turn this image into something useable?

    No one with that image on their car would ever be called a loser.
  2. Is dealer inventory starting to sit?

    As you said, if there is no inventory, why would they do it other than to generate interest in sales?
  3. Is dealer inventory starting to sit?

    Probably so people would get excited about it, maybe even make a post about it.
  4. Is dealer inventory starting to sit?

    I don’t know this dealership but my experience is that if there is not an actual picture of the vehicle (not a stock ford pic either) is that the vehicle is not on the lot and therefore not able to be purchased at that price point.
  5. HOSS 3.0 Suspension Bronco Wildtrak Brought Home Today! (Photos)

    June 6, so you should have it in the next couple days.
  6. HOSS 3.0 Suspension Bronco Wildtrak Brought Home Today! (Photos)

    I got my Hoss WT assembly line photo yesterday. Expected for delivery in mid July. I am pretty stoked on this color.
  7. Fully loaded Wildtrak orders

    yeah, I got an email from them.
  8. Fully loaded Wildtrak orders

    Obviously I was not expecting this but I should have this by mid July. I am so stoked.
  9. Suspension Decisions

    Bajakits put together a nice video if you havent seen it.
  10. Fully loaded Wildtrak orders

    Got a 6/6 build date, that I don't expect to be fulfilled.........but it is a WT with the Hoss 3.0, Lux, Hardtop with racks, no tow.
  11. 06/06/22 Build Week Group

    Got an email today, my Wildtrak, Hoss 3.0, 4 door in Eruption Green will be built 6/6.
  12. Integrated Roof/Windshield LED Light Bar System for 2021+ Ford Bronco

    I was going to post the same.
  13. Are we to assume that dealers primarily want to screw you?

    They will make more money if you do. I sell insurance and didnt make your list!
  14. Hoss 3.0 Ordering.

    that is what I was thinking too, but I was not sure. Thanks for replying. 🤙
  15. Hoss 3.0 Ordering.

    Those of you ordering the Hoss, what other suspension upgrades are you considering?
  16. ⏱ No Bronco Scheduling Next Week (3/14)

    curiously, when did you put your order in?
  17. New option! 2022 Wildtrak HOSS 3.0 with Fox Internal Bypass

    I may be reading the other messages wrong, but it seems the invoice is based on the current pricing however, there is a credit at time of delivery for the people who check the boxes of when they reserved, when they ordered, etc etc. You may find at time of delivery that your pricing is corrected.