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  1. Serious Tech Issue - 12 Inch Touchscreen blacked out / bricked (by software update?)

    Service ticket was in March. "Replaced FCDIM ad LVDS cable". Not the APIM as I mistakenly posted earlier. Mine was the 8" screen.
  2. Serious Tech Issue - 12 Inch Touchscreen blacked out / bricked (by software update?)

    I had the same problem. I took a couple months for parts but according to the service paperwork the dealer replaced APIM "replaced the LVDS cable and FCDIM". Screen has been good ever since. The quality of anything electronic is going to be more suspect for a long time. It's frustrating but...
  3. Big Bend touch screen dies

    My touchscreen went out and my dealer fixed it but it took some time. See this thread....
  4. Tailgate opening halfway and then slams back into me

    I was fighting mine as well being used to an FJ swing gate (also still getting used to the hinges being on the US passenger side). I thought it was a defect/bad design as well but I am getting used to NOT pushing the gate and causing the swing back. I might even start to like it one day.
  5. For those that have their Broncos, what's your biggest complaint?

    YES - THIS - "#3 The gas shock on the swing gate fights you every time you want to open it." I HATE that thing! Coming from a 2007 FJ where I never had an issue with the rear swing door, I find myself wondering why it is not designed to be open ASSIST and not RESIST!
  6. Touchscreen Not Responding - Anybody Else Had This Issue?

    I finally got my black screen fixed. Service receipt mentions APIM and says they replaced FCDIM and LVDS cable. Hope this info helps.
  7. South Carolina SOLD: 5 BD gloss black steelies - General ATX 265/70R17 tires

    Yes, still available. No TPMS. I kept them for my new wheels.
  8. South Carolina Sold: SOLD: 5 BD gloss black steelies - General ATX 265/70R17 tires

    $900 5 Black Diamond gloss black steelie takeoffs with only 1,200 miles. General Grabber ATX LT265/70R17. Pickup only in Greenville, SC.
  9. Show us your installed wheel / tire upgrades here! (Pics)

    Tire size for @CJ1064? Also tire size for @SnowBronco please?
  10. Touchscreen Not Responding - Anybody Else Had This Issue?

    I have a similar issue but my screen is totally dead. Radio still works but the screen is blank with no camera or any display. My dealer has been working with Ford engineering for a few days now. Please post updates.
  11. so, other than extended warranty, what else do they try to sell you

    Yep, I went with the 100k warrantee. It seems like $ well spent and mine included 3 years service/rotation. I paid a little more through the dealer but I feel like they won't give me any grief for small issues since they sold me the plan. You have to believe there will be some growing pains...
  12. *** DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    My top looks pretty much the same. I don't want to be a Ford apologist but for $695 upgrade, I am happy with the MIC 2.0. There are some rough edges that appear (for now) to be adequately sealed and hopefully will last. The color inconsistencies and patterns on the inside of the top are a...
  13. *** DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    I got out early! 7/16 Production, 9/26 Built, 10 day rail to dealer, drove it home yesterday. Sorry to all of you especially the June builds stuck on DM. I still believe that mine was pulled early to top off a rail shipment. After reading about the shady dealers I was worried but I had an...
  14. Train autorack unloading Seattle area questions?

    Shows Ford terminals by State. A little dated 2018.
  15. *** DIRT MOUNTAIN Broncos - Built, Shipped, Delivered Tracker***

    Here you go fellow obsessed sickos! It's a list of all Ford rail terminals by State. Some even have webcams! Get your tents and drones and report back on all Bronco movements to feed into the tracker! What else do you have to do all weekend? Ford Rail Terminals by State...
  16. Here are the Bronco Build & Tracking links

    Another piece of the puzzle for everyone obsessing about tracking their rail shipments. It's a little dated 2018 but lists all of the Ford rail unloading terminals. Typically one for every state and a few for the larger states like TX, CA and FL. It even lists our Canadian and Mexican...
  17. Dealer sold another customers bronco

    If its true then we have a new enemy even worse than the surprise ADM dealers and we all need to be worried. Keep us posted.
  18. Dealer sold another customers bronco

    I am thinking there is some missing / confused information like the customer no longer wanted his Bronco and the dealer sold it within a day of arrival. No need to bash the dealer unless you get the details of some underhanded scheme to steal a customers order. No problems with ADM so maybe...