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  1. First Edition 2-Door Bronco w/ Method Beadlocks, 37" BFG KM3, RPG Perch Collars, Billet A-Arms, Warn, Factor 55, Baja Design

    I’ve had her a Week come Monday and here’s the list so far: Mods: Method 101 17x9 (-12 offset) Beadlocks 37x12.50 BFG KM3 RPG Perch Collars (gives you +2.25” lift in the front and +1.25” in the rear on top of the Sasquatch suspension) Billet A Arms Factory Warn Winch (driving nannies and...
  2. Disabling TPMS Sensors

    Has anyone figured out yet how to disable the factory TPMS sensors through Forscan? Adding aftermarket beadlock wheels which are not TPMS capable and wanting to have the light off on the dash.
  3. 3rd Brake Light Wheel Ring

    Okay I know it’s cheesy but I like it 😅 Now that we’ve crossed that bridge has anyone found a kit that works to install a light ring in the spare for the third brake light instead of the one on top? Saw this online and would love to do it to mine.
  4. North Carolina Sold: WTB: Factory 2 Door Roofrack

    Got a FE on order that should arrive at the end of this month! Sadly on the FEs you could not add a factory roof rack so until Ford decides to offer it as a complete option I’ll resort to looking for a take off. Thanks
  5. ModifyMike’s “Moody Blue” First Edition Build Thread

    What’s up y’all! Figured I would start a thread since my Bronco is nearing its Build Date and I’ve already ordered a ton of parts! I’m located in Eastern, NC but plan to do quite a bit of Traveling! At Launch I fell in love with the Cyber Orange 2 Door on 37s and my plan is to emulate that...
  6. Factory Fog Light Switch

    Looking to install the Baja Designs Foglight kit on my Bronco when it arrives. Trying not to take up three upfitter switches so my plan is to use one upfitter for the two smaller pods on each side and then using a factory fog light switch for the Amber fogs. Since my truck will have the modular...
  7. Ford TV Commercial Clay Model

    Was watching TV when a Ford Ad came on and I was able to get a pic of this that flashed the screen for maybe a second or so. I have never seen this clay model previously in any pictures so I was curious if this could be something upcoming we haven’t found out about or Maybe I’ve missed it.