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  1. Thought I saw a cool new off-roader suv

    It looks like an suv driving up from behind. Found that it was a Nissan work van when I got close
  2. Is the Braptor good for infamous Colorado passes?

    Is the raptor good for famous off road passes in Colorado like Imogene, engineer etc or is it too wide? Got the selected email and have a 7spd badlands non sas waiting for scheduling, but contemplating the Raptor.
  3. Bremach 4x4 SUV (new to USA)
  4. Anyone compare Sasquatch HOSS vs Gladiator Mojave suspensions?

    I haven't been able to test drive a sasquatch yet, and I haven't been able to test drive a Mojave either. I have a stick willy's gladiator while waiting for the my22 bronco mansquatch and a Rubicon gladiator as a loaner for couple weeks while the Willy's is in service. While I'm enjoying the big...
  5. A sign of things to come (40.4 Jeep)

    What is jeep up to?
  6. A better sasquatch sticker for alaska friends

    Located at santa claus house in North Pole, AK
  7. Request: Vertical slot front grill mockup

    Might be heresey here but wanted to see what the bronco would look like with a vertical 7 slot grill
  8. Tank green RAM 1500 All these manufacturers coming out with greens rivian, ram etc. What's holding ford back?
  9. Rivian colors are something

    Rivian just launched its configurator today and is a little too expensive compared to the bronco, but maybe ford could take note of the colors. Especially the greens ?
  10. The reason for no green bronco

    I miss green cars
  11. What would it take to make a base bronco look like this?

    Anyone remember a blue 2dr bronco rendering probably during march-may timeframe, with white/silver wheels and black lugnuts? The lugnuts almost resemble the texas star design. The shape was similar to this one But with a white top, blue body and...
  12. What 4x4 is this?

  13. What's the best way to attach two large duffel/body bags for travelling?

    What's a simplest and convenient way to add storage for road trips on the 2 door for a family of 2 and a dog? Probably will have 2 x body/duffel bags (2 x 5 cuft?) in addition to what can fit behind the back seat. 1) Thule: inconvenient to move stuff in and out. No place to store the thule. 2)...
  14. What is the color of the Bronco sent in the reservation email?

    I reserved a base. Is this shadow black or carb gray or something else? It almost looks like dark green to me, but I might just be color blind
  15. What do eco, sport and normal drive modes mean on a manual transmission?

    And same with mud, snow and rock. Does the transmission act any different if it's a manual?
  16. How does the sasquatch suspension compare to air suspension?

    Can you glide over pot holes, ruts, train track crossings, and depressed manhole covers without getting jolting impacts? What about 35 inch tires without sasquatch, is that standard suspension good enough for a smooth ride?