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  1. Light on!

    Lit up the dark Bronco cave. The Bronco's lack of light in the back is worth trying to resolve. My first try; Oracle's 5 inch scene light mounted on the back side of the rear roll bar. It really does light up the interior rear cargo area well. Now need to find a filter to 'calm down' the bright...
  2. Crowning Bronco!

    Gestation was long and troublesome. Began on a cold day, December 31st, 2020-and 17 long 'staying pumped'-uncomfortable Covid months filled with anticipation, worry, emotional dealer added stress, and never ending forum drama........................ eventually in time-delivery day finally...
  3. Hard tops now on 2022 build and price!

    Just noticed that build and price now allows MIC hardtops again. Maybe that is a glitch or good news?
  4. First world probem-My stealership changed my order without my permission?

    I was just informed via the customer service line my Bronco Badlands order was approved and the vin will be assigned soon. Happy days! ....Unfortunately my dealer changed my '99' order's details without informing me and submitted my order with only a soft hardtop! I live in the Oregon...
  5. Parked on parts mountain? Keep on buyin those parts

    Since I am ever an optimist...on every other 5th Friday months of alternating even numbered leap years....I never give up hoping. Someday- My painted white top- Baby!....... .......List your parts procured for your ride!
  6. who iz now completly more confuzed

    Just received my confirmation of my order: What is actually being confirmed? Why is my ordered white hardtop not included? I thought I should still be an order code 99-end of the line- until the white hard top is a reality. I am used to rejection at this point. Clarity would be appreciated and...
  7. Road Armor's Rear Bumper and Front Stealth winch Bumper

    I own one of their rear bumpers mounted on my F250. Truly a quality built USA product: Recommend them highly.
  8. Your painted white hard top ------ hello?

    As a code 99 Dreamer.... Hoping those or anyone in the loop (dealers or anonymous insiders) are able and willing to allow a glimpse of hope/insight to the elusive release date and details of my painted white hardtops' availability....please?
  9. Digital Technology verses a real analog speedometer

    Thought and concern often crosses my small mind as I have now seen in actual Bronco and continue to read about the digital instrument displays. Will there be any chance of the aftermarket helping with at least an additional add on old school speedometer. Would not want to mess up the tech, just...
  10. Back to the end of the line!

    Hello all, Wanted to share my email and resolve to get back to where I the end of the line. begin copy to dealer: Trust you are well. I am interested in a simple adjustment to my order. Sorry to be a bother. Even though I tried to speed up my build by accepting the 'soft top...
  11. Does any one still sleep on the ground and under the stars?

    Minority opinion alert. No snobbery or whining intended, ENOUGH of that on this forum already. Please do as you wish and enjoy the outdoor experience! What happened to a simple wool bedroll in fair weather? Tent and bag, if weather requires, and a fire when it is safe. Spending some of my money...
  12. This relationship is feeling a little one sided

    Wait! HOLD THE HORSES! Is it really true? Do we actually have the privilege to eventually PAY for these Broncos (not just continue to complain for months)? Perhaps we have not learned anything from the Ford business example? We, as consumers honestly and genuinely promised to pay for our order...
  13. Planning on 4 door rear seat delete?

    How many of you new bronco owners are considering a four door, but also taking the rear seats out for over-land gear? Wondering how heavy the rear seats are.... Slide out rear and secure storage ideas appreciated. I am planning on riding hard and enjoying the trails in a capable bronco! My...
  14. Long range antenna install

    Is anyone familiar with installing the 'long range antenna' for remote start, Bronco part#ML3Z-19A404=A? I understand Ford has offered these on other builds for awhile. I prefer to install this on my own, assuming it is not a big deal.