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  1. Ford Performance tune gas mileage impact?

    I mean getting 17-20 is not great to start with. Bronco is by far not a vehicle for gas mileage shaped like a brick and 5k pounds. You want quicker,more responsive and better gas mileage? Lol,ok
  2. Mabett Trailer Hitch Assembly Fits Bronco 2021 2022 Bronco Available Now!

    Yes it is? No idea why you said this. You dont need wiring harness for every use of a hitch. You can easily add that after. Bike Rack? Shackle for pulling yourself out? Need a 4 pin or 7 pin for that?Most hitches are sold without wiring harness
  3. Window Rattle opening door

    I open door with 2 hands now. One to basically stop it from coming toward me. So it only opens an inch after pulling handle. (Open handle with left hand and same time control opening with right hand by putting hand on door).Then slowly open door.That way the window is controlled when opening and...
  4. Blew BOTH CV Axles Out at the Same Time

    Is the 3/8ths diff drop worth the effort? Does it help with the angles much? Im asking because I also have a 3.5 spacer lift and have been looking for a diff drop. Only one there is made specifically for bronco is the one you installed. Kinda shocked almost two yrs and nobody has released a...
  5. Needless Wear & Tear Protection for the Interior

    Meh,this is typical of most new vehicles now. Not just ford or bronco. When 99% of interior is plastic this is what happens
  6. So I Found Out Friday Afternoon...

    Never have that problem in my soft top 🤪
  7. What is this in the instrument panel

    You didnt help your case…lol
  8. Surprise "Your Bronco Arrived" Text!!!

    Would never buy an electric truck right now. Worthless towing for any distance. Easy decision for me. Plus no infrastructure for electric vehicles. Plus way more expensive than it should be. And I hate ev‘s. Lol
  9. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Unfortunately it doesnt fit with top on
  10. Observations from my reorder process yesterday

    Honestly If I was looking for a bronco and didnt want to wait,I would buy a base model in stock and add what I wanted …… Or wait 2 years. Of course ifyou are rock crawling etc you will have to wait to get front/rear disconnects. But I dont think that applies to 90% of people buying. Rates will...
  11. Turbo "Silencers" , Do we need a Tax Stamp ?

    Must be written in brail
  12. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Put in fabtech 4 inch lift. Still looking for a front diff drop. Not the 5/8 drop rough country has. Want a 2 inch drop. Hoping someone puts one out soon or I will make my own. 35s now. Guess I have to put 37s in next set of tires! Easily fit. Drives almost like it did stock. Obviously has a...
  13. Big Bend OEM wheels and tires on Base

    lower the pressures. Thats what will make the most difference. A difference of 5 psi can make it much better. I run at 25psi. Different tire then you but huge difference from 30psi. Chalk test can help out some. Bigger tires will have significant effect on ride quality if psi is too high.
  14. Bronco auto engine shutoff after idle time?

    yup,even just having accessory on it times out in 15. happens to me washing vehicle with radio on. good feature imo.
  15. Bronco values one year from now?

    plummet to normalcy... Recession is incoming.
  16. Fording Water Maximum Depth / Height?

    with all the electronics in these vehicles water is the enemy. One drop in a circuit board can give you gremlins for the life of the vehicle.
  17. Brake Booster line BACKORDER

    Seems you cant get any parts for broncos locally in my area. Parts stores laugh when you say bronco. I just ordered an axel that shipped from Michigan. Most cars you can get an axel locally at 10 different places. Must be covid ,lol.
  18. BOOMBA Baby!!! Ppppssshhhhhh Noises!! 2.7 BOV Blow Off Valve

    Lol,looks like a chair leg rubber cover and zip tie. Cheap enough to do to see if you like It. I may try it. Wonder if it sounds similar on 2.3 auto
  19. Upgrading the 2.3 oil filter

    I want toknow why engineers picked what they did. I will wait and see how this ends first. If its better then great. But im skeptical. Oil filter NORMALLY isnt a place they try to save money in production. Also im certain if you have an engine failure it wont matter if the filter you are using...
  20. Excited then Angry

    Yup,you are one of 1000s with same issue. BS