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  1. ⏰ 2023 Bronco Scheduling Begins! -- Starting Next Week (10/3) For 2023MY Production Build Weeks 11/4 Through 11/28

    How do the dealers decide who gets what priority code and why IF the Broncos are supposed to be built in order of time stamp, subject to the allocation BS, constraints…?
  2. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    Can you share what the COVP confirmation email looked like and did you have to request this from Chapman? Thanks.
  3. ICONIC SILVER Bronco Club

    Congrats! It looks amazing. This photo is my new screen saver as I hope and wait for a MY 23.
  4. 2023 Bronco Allocation is Based on These 2 Factors

    As it relates to Broncos, the bar is about as low as it gets in terms of Ford's behavior, which they can control unlike the supply chain. Catering would be something of a stretch goal to put it mildly for Ford. Starting with the basics like honesty and communication would probably good first...
  5. 2023 Bronco Allocation is Based on These 2 Factors

    Ford won’t lose any sales as they’re just reallocating their production to their top dealers in an effort to keep them happy. If their top dealers were actually good dealerships, they would have the most reservations, which they don’t. IMHO, it’s shortsighted at best as they’re not rewarding...
  6. Bronco Imagery from Stop at Coopers Rock, WV

    Great photos and looks like a beautiful spot.
  7. Chapman Ford of Horsham - Highly Recommend

    Congratulations on finally getting your Bronco. She’s a beauty!
  8. Post your BEFORE & AFTER!

    How do you like the bestop compared to the factory soft top?
  9. In lot Broncos at MSRP?

    The local dealer has a new Badlands w/ SAS showing the MSRP at $63K and asking $88k....
  10. 🗓 2023MY Bronco Ordering, Production Scheduling, and Job #1 Dates

    Beautiful ride. Is there something covering the pinch weld? It looks black, like it matches the side step.
  11. Maryland WTS NIB Deluxe Raised Lid Security Enclosure (4 Door)

    Yes, it's still available. I'm in Gaithersburg.
  12. Window slapping when partially open

    The dealer said they did the TSB, but it doesn’t seem any better on mine. It’s probably when I hit a bump.
  13. Maryland Sold: WTS NIB Deluxe Raised Lid Security Enclosure (4 Door)

    Just as the title says, I have a brand new deluxe raised lid security enclosure for a 4-door Bronco for sale. It hasn't even been taken out of the box. Given the size and weight, shipping is probably cost prohibitive. Asking $450.
  14. New from Henry Ford Estate in Michigan: 2022 Bronco Raptor Sweepstakes Coming

    It might be nice to have it signed by the designer too.
  15. Thieves and garage door openers

    Thanks. I’ll check out the other post and look into electric for dummies in case I want to take a stab at it.
  16. Thieves and garage door openers

    Great idea. Can you share how you did it and in layman's terms?
  17. Keyless entry keypad installation issue

    Bryan, That's very helpful color. I have to bring it back to the local dealer again soon as they weren't able to do everything last time, so hopefully they can just knock it out along with the other work. Thank you!