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  1. Base Owners - How does the steering wheel really feel?

    Calling all Base owners. How does the steering wheel really feel? Some complain some don’t. Are you covering it?
  2. The Ode to Cyber Orange 😔

    I guess this is what happens when you wait 2 years and are tired and bored and apparently have nothing else to do. Enjoy! :ROFLMAO: C-y-O, must let you go. Your glisten and glow was the talk of the show. A color so bright, a cure for the night. Now let me tell you, son, to see it in person...
  3. Dual Tops - what exactly is it?

    Ok, so I know it’s a hard top and soft top, but…. Will the soft top have to be removed before the hard top is put on? Will the hard top fit over the opened soft top? I guess we will soon find out.
  4. Azure Gray Metallic Tri-Coat a brand new Ford color?

    Hello All, Is Azure Gray Metallic Tri-coat a brand new color for 2023 or has Ford used it before? Or using it now? Any photos? Thank you.
  5. Long Trip without Top - Would you or Would you Not

    Hello All, Has anyone taken or would anyone take a long trip without the hard top on their Bronco. Let’s say 1200 miles? With maybe just a mesh shade cover? How did it go? Would you or would you not do this? Why?
  6. Weird Request - Eruption Green & Cyber Orange side-by-side pics?

    Hello All, I must be a little nuts. After this long wait, I am now thinking about colors again. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Send help if you have any 😅 Anyway, does anyone have photos of Eruption Green parked beside Cyber Orange? If so, please post them here. Thank you.
  7. Advanced 4x4 part/order #

    Hello All, I‘m thinking I might as well add the Advanced 4x4 to my BD build. Can someone let me know the part number or direct me to where it will be on Ford‘s website? Thank you.
  8. BD Steel Wheels Not Painted?

    Does Ford make/sell the BD steel wheels not painted? Or just the Base 16in wheels? Thank you.
  9. Bronco Rattler 🤷🏼‍♂️

    I guess we will have to see what the F150 is first.
  10. What are these wheels?

    Anyone know what wheels these are? Thank you.
  11. Black Diamond come with Floor Mats?

    Simple question that I never thought about. Does the BD come with carpet floor mats? I can’t imaging it doesn’t, but the rubber floor has me wondering. I’m really gathering info on what I will need before mine arrives.
  12. Base Base Owners - I have some questions 😬

    Hello Base Base Owners, So, some background first. I started out with a reserved Badlands, quickly moved to a 2-door Black Diamond, but my heart has been with a simple 2-door Base Base or Base Sasquatch. I still settled on a 2-door BD….for now. My questions you ask…. Do you feel like your...
  13. No Mid Package or above with CoPilot 360 - Does the Bronco feel safe?

    Hello All, For those without CoPilot 360, does the Bronco feel safe while driving? Or do you feel safe while driving it? Maybe I’m to used to all the new safety tech in modern Vehicles.
  14. Base Base Good Enough for Sand/Beach Driving?

    Hello All, I don’t do a lot of off road driving, mostly light trails. Anyway…. I’m just wondering if the Base Base is enough to conquer some light trails, beach driving, and a bit of snow? I will probably add some bigger tires at some point. Thank you.
  15. 4 Wheel Parts Big Tire Kit - Confusion

    This maybe an easy question, but while reading the description I am lost. Does this 4WP Big Tire Kit fit on a stock Sasquatch? Are they basically the crash bars Ford supplies to the non-Sasquatch? Anyone install them? Maybe @dirtstar2002 could help...
  16. CoPilot 360 - How is it working for you?

    So, how is the Ford CoPilot 360 working for you? Any issues?
  17. Advanced 4WD on constraint?

    Is the Advanced 4WD a constraint? Is it worth it to add to my order?
  18. Show Me Your White Wheels

    Photos of white wheels on you Bronco allowed ;)
  19. Base Bronco - is Ford building more higher trims first?

    Hello All, I have had a 2-door BD on order for awhile now, but my heart has been with a base Base from the beginning. However, I like quite a few features the Black Diamond offers. I know no one can really answer this, but maybe people with some insight on the matter…. Is Ford building more...
  20. Possible? Take Apart the Interior Grab Handles

    Hello, Anyone know if it’s possible to take apart the interior grab handles and paint them?