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  1. Advanced 4x4 with Automatic on demand engagement

    If this option “ Advanced 4x4 Automatic on Demand “ is picked on a Outer Banks build non Sasquatch with locking rear differential 4.27 gear , will it come with the front locking differential.. It’s confusing because the icon info tab for this option in my build mentions front and rear locking...
  2. New Bronco on Christmas Day

    Two days before Christmas while at the Ford dealer buying the wife a new 2021 F-150 4x4 they put the Outer Banks on the show room floor. The wife surprised me and bought the Bronco. She knows I have an Outer Banks on order and been waiting for 15 months for my Bronco!!! Still waiting. This...
  3. Anyone flat towing the 2021 Bronco ?

    Has anyone flat towed a Bronco? When I flat tow my 2019 F-150 the tow mileage shows up on the odometer. My dealer says that’s not the case with the Bronco. Can anyone advise?