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  1. Gas Prices [Admin Warning: NO POLITICS / GOVERNMENT Talk]

    Still over $4.00 a gallon for gas here in Oregon (and going UP!). In June we made a trip from Oregon to N. Dakota and back in our 25' Winnebago Diesel Motorhome....Diesel was $6.19 a gallon in most places and has still not gone down here.
  2. ⏰ 2023 Bronco Scheduling Begins! -- Starting Next Week (10/3) For 2023MY Production Build Weeks 11/4 Through 11/28

    Thanks. I bought them last November before price went up. Bronco came on July 15, 22. Wheels went on the next day.
  3. ⏰ 2023 Bronco Scheduling Begins! -- Starting Next Week (10/3) For 2023MY Production Build Weeks 11/4 Through 11/28

    I actually just found the Bronco horse on Bing Images, any Ford page. I then took it, sent it to a Vinyl Vehicle Wrap/Sign Company and they enlarged it and made it. I usually install these on my own, but, it was so large...I had them install it. Here is another photo of it. Just Copy this...
  4. What document have you received from your dealer showing AGREED purchase price?

    Agreed. If a Dealer refuses to put any of the agreement in writing....RUN don't just walk to a better and honest Dealership.
  5. What document have you received from your dealer showing AGREED purchase price?

    First, I had a great Dealer. Purchased a Ranger and Bronco through them. MNSRP, no games. Paperwork took 5 minutes and out the door. What I have seen over this last 2 years; PEOPLE ARE NOT PROTECTING THEMSELVES. My Suggestion, this is what I did. 1. Find a Dealer that will sell at MSRP...
  6. PSA Warning: Do Not open hood in hot weather

    Maybe his is not properly "seated", snapped in place. I have not had this issue either. ???
  7. FINALLY !!!!

    Congratulations!!! Big smiles!
  8. ⏰ 2023 Bronco Scheduling Begins! -- Starting Next Week (10/3) For 2023MY Production Build Weeks 11/4 Through 11/28

    Hoping all you early reservation holders get built in the first quarter of 2023 production. Lets get er' done for these folks FORD. The wait has been long and hard to deal with but as so many have is "worth the wait". I could not be more happy with my Bronco (received...
  9. 2.7L Dipstick TSB?

    You may want to do a search here. There are two very lengthy discussions about this issue with a "final" response from Ford as well.
  10. New Bronco, a few concerns.

    Good response. I believe that hole is a drain hole for moisture. My Ranger also has a deliberate hole in the exhaust and it does drip/allow moisture out of the system.
  11. Bronco Among Top Vehicles Priced Over MSRP -- Averaging 21.6% / $8,697 Above MSRP

    There are plenty of Dealers that are charging around. For those lurking here and thinking about ordering or are re-ordering....PROTECT YOURSELF! Signing the order sheet is NOT good enough. Get everything in WRITING. An email/printed out and signed, a Dealer Contract, or draw up...
  12. RekGen mudflaps!

    Watch for % off sales around various Holidays. They run them all the time.
  13. RekGen mudflaps!

    I went with the OEM flaps on my Bronco but, I got a different style of RekGen flaps for my Ranger Tremor. I would say that their products are very well made, sturdy and strong with a great finish to them. I broke a welded bolt off one of my brackets and they mailed one immediately to me at no...
  14. Bronco Ford Performance Rigid Roof Mounted light bar

    An Update: These are the correct brackets IF you have the OEM roof rack. I had them painted to match. All installed and works great. And yes....the new install instructions per Ford, no need to drill a hole. Wiring goes under the rubber seal. A few photos of my finished rig (are we ever...
  15. Driver airbag cracking

    All good here but my Bronco is just 2 months old. The Ranger's shifter boot is known to crack (I have a Ranger too). So on both, I put 303 Protectant on them monthly (or more)....hope to keep it soft and conditioned and avoid this issue.
  16. Modular bumper misaligned

    First thing I do with every new vehicle I buy; get it home and wash it. Inside and out. That is when you will find any flaws that need to be documented and corrected. Your Dealer will adjust that for you.
  17. Redesigned mirror caps with whistle reducing / eliminating strakes -- implemented by Mirror Whistling Fix TSB

    Yep....never noticed them and they are on my 2022 June build. No whistling either.
  18. Starting to get pulled in another direction...(sadly)

    Oh I understand. Missed an entire Summer and more of usage and travels. I bought a huge Silver bow for the hood as we expected it would be here for our 25th Anniversary...nope. Missed 2 Birthdays....crap. But it finally came. I understand how difficult it is to wait. I spent my time...
  19. Black Diamond Interior Changes?

    Agreed no Navy Pier. Looking at my window sticker it says, "Vinyl Gray/Black Seats". It is such and is very nice. IMO, one of the nicer interiors. The MGV is very nice too. 2022 Black Diamond 2 door.
  20. Starting to get pulled in another direction...(sadly)

    I agree with all of this. The ride on the Jeep is rough and rocks back and fourth. Less room....all of that. The Bronco while very off road capable is also great on the Highway and would make a great daily driver as well.