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  1. MIC 2.0 Wind Noise / Leak Poll

    I'm also having the same problem with my MIC 2.0 Leaking in the front over the sunglass holder. I have been restricted on this forum and un able to send PMs so here is my info below; VIN; 1FMDE5BH3MLA79814 Dealer; Bison Ford Great Falls, MT
  2. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Installed an aftermarket USB-B / C power port on the Base
  3. Where is the door keypad setup info??

    Under the kick panel below the steering wheel. There is a card that says securi-code. That is where your key pad setup code is.
  4. Bronco rear chase / reverse light install

    when going through the flat lands that are dusty, also when climbing the mountains through some early fog it helps others to see me. I also seen some at KOH and they help with trailing when the sun is low and in your eyes. Majority is for vision on the trails.
  5. Bronco rear chase / reverse light install

    The Rough Country Bumper has spots to add these lights as well. They are a big help in many situations.
  6. [Update: Tentative Deal Reached 9/15 to Avoid Strike!] Bronco rail train loading suspended as of 9/14 (Impending Rail Strike / Lockout)

    A train workers union strike could come as early as just after midnight on Friday (16SEP22) if a deal isn't reached ahead of that time between major rail companies and the four unions that have not agreed to the current proposal put forth by the presidential emergency board (PEB)
  7. Bronco vs Deep Water ... 3 Broncos Down (Exceeding Maximum Water Fording Depth)

    Did not even give the video a watch, doesn't deserve the clicks for doing something, that did not need to be attempted.
  8. APIM Module on indefinite backorder

    no, but thats why the HVAC cluster is below lol
  9. [Edited again: For sale] I designed and fabricated traction board mounts -- for Bronco roll bar

    Great idea! im just bummed i do not have those threaded holes on my Bronco, being an early 2021 Base.
  10. APIM Module on indefinite backorder

    Here is an answer / work around, but not the answer you may want. you can find them on eBay for a decent price too. This pairs with phones for communication and music, also provides great off-road navigation with on road nav as well. I use it daily for traffic updates on the map. It is an idea
  11. Tube doors, or not?

    What would make you want to stick your appendages out of a moving vehicle? You need a security blanket and MOTIVATION not to do that?! When in GA, I guess.
  12. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    Since the order banks for international orders opened AFTER the US market order banks opened
  13. Tube doors, or not?

    Stock doors, or no doors, there is no in-between. Why buy something that is 1/16 of its original self for ~$2500?
  14. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    Wait, Qatar is getting Broncos before all United States special orders are filled? Who would have thought reservation numbers actually meant anything?
  15. Amazon Skid Plate

    now I am really hoping this thing will fit lol
  16. Dashboard USB Ports on Non-Lux Bronco

    Cool, Im understanding 1/2" in length, but what diameter size? #8 or #10?
  17. Amazon Skid Plate

    We will see if any fabrication is needed or if it is a bust. I should have it in hand on Friday, 9 SEP and installed on the 10th at the earliest. I'll keep y'all in the loop.
  18. Tire Circumference data collection

    *CONFIRMED* LT285/70R17 needs a wheel circumference of 2508mm entered into FORSCAN to be 1 for 1 accurate to GPS speed. Please add your circumference in mm's if running a 35", 37" or even 40" tire. This will help others dial in the speedometer when changing tire sizes.
  19. Tire Circumference data collection

    **UPDATE** 285/70R17 BFG KO2s Load C @38psi With the tire circumference loaded at 2525mm, reduced from 2608mm, the speed on the dash read 30mph, GPS read 29.97mph. I may jump into FORSCAN and load the 2508mm to see if that -17mm from 2525mm makes a difference.