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  1. Ham Radio Install with DIY Mount

    The larson antenna doesn't come with anything. I purchased an NMO base with coax I liked this one because the PL259 was not soldered on - trimming the coax to my need was trivial. I doubt mine is 4 ft...
  2. Ham Radio Install with DIY Mount

    An excellent article. It's to create the best possible ground plane for any given body configuration. Since we don't have a metal roof, the hood and chassis floor are the ground plane, but Ford doesn't bond the hood to the chassis. Will it work without? Probably. There is a lot of metal below...
  3. Ham Radio Install with DIY Mount

    Well, I'm not in the industry so I do what I can. So far, they must not be adding much noise, since my contacts report a perfectly clear signal. Certainly no noise on the receive side, even on fringe areas. I'm using a NanoVNA. Just fine for my purposes.
  4. Ham Radio Install with DIY Mount

    I'm tall enough that the seat is all the way back, and I have to lean forward and peer around the A pillar to see the antenna.
  5. Ham Radio Install with DIY Mount

    Hey, Patrick. The control unit is attached via an aluminum bracket I made from light sheet scrap I had laying around, just wide enough to cover the threaded inserts. I attached to the dash rail with a gunsight mount: I ground off the little...
  6. Give a shout out to your dealership if they honored MSRP pricing

    Ernest McCarty Ford, Alabaster AL. Easiest vehicle purchase I've had (except for the Mustang I bought from dad in 1977!)
  7. Ham Radio Install with DIY Mount Had to mill out the fastener countersink's to accept 1/4-20 bolts, made outboard supports from scrap 2x4 wood, painted mod's with Rustolium Peel Coat Matte Black.
  8. Ham Radio Install with DIY Mount

    10 bucks!
  9. Ham Radio Install with DIY Mount

    Here's my Ham radio installlation. Antenna and mount are both Larson NMO type. Mount is DIY from scrap stainless. Structure under the accessory mount is grounded to the chassis under the hood with the braided copper, and both sides of the hood are bonded to the chassis with two more copper...
  10. Another DIY Rear Cargo Platform

    The length of the J-hooks are to allow them enough length to hook the tie down in the front pair. You just can't get your hand under to engage the tie down otherwise. It still takes a bit of patience. Also, I put a threaded loop on the exposed threads to act as a new tie down and protect...
  11. Another DIY Rear Cargo Platform

    Mine is a 413F, which was produced from 1962-1964. The model is stamped right below the handle on mine. Here's website with the model detail:
  12. Rear Parking Sensors still alerting when turned off through SYNC4

    Just picked up my Badlands from the dealer. Because of this post, he was able to find the software update and get this problem fixed. Thanks! Took five hours to update, but I was 2000 miles away, so I didn't care. Thanks, forum!
  13. Accessory Options to Replace Grab Handle to Right of Stick Shift

    You might also consider a 90 degree cable for your phone charging. Mine fits quite nicely in the pocket:
  14. Another DIY Rear Cargo Platform

    Thanks! The stove was the one my dad bought in the 50s, and I intend to refurbish it. But I'll still get the Camp Chef Everest and a 5 pound propane tank for the ultimate camp kitchen.
  15. Another DIY Rear Cargo Platform

    Yeah, there are a ton of these threads, but I did a couple of things I hadn't seen before, so... The fridge is the Ford Accessory unit, and I will connect it to a battery that's charged from the trucks 12v. The straps are just a tie-down I had laying around in the garage. The big orange...
  16. Rear Parking Sensors still alerting when turned off through SYNC4

    Precisely why I posted (and DM'ed). They need to know it's not just you.
  17. Rear Parking Sensors still alerting when turned off through SYNC4

    I also have set the rear parking sensors off in Sync4 as shown. But my bike rack makes it howl as soon as I move in reverse... I hope @Ford Motor Company corrects this.
  18. Koverz Console / Armrest Cover For 2021 Bronco - Pre-Ordering Now Open

    Mine's ordered. What's your estimated delivery?