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  1. Little Day Trip Outside Zion

    Toquerville Falls...little day trip a couple hours outside of Vegas. Was a hoot. Thanks Jon/Offroadeo.
  2. Toronto to Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon and Back in The Hulk Badlands Bronco

    Thanks for sharing. I grew up in Calgary so the photos of Banff and Jasper area brought it home. love the color of your rig.
  3. Advice to member with no towing experience

    Towed 2200 miles similar load with no issues. Just watch the tongue weight. I had some rebalancing.
  4. Factory Roof Rack- does it make it harder to remove top?

    I have 4 door model. The 2 front panels are removable but it takes a little finesse. There is a centering pin on the top and a corresponding receiving hole on the truck. You edge the panel towards rear and gently walk the centering pin around the receiving hole and the once cleared the panel...
  5. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    Bronco OffRodeo Las Vegas last week no EG vehicles in their paddock. Learned so much from Johnny. Awesome experience.
  6. 9100toZero

    Idaho Bronco

    Based out of CDA if there are any club events coming up…
  7. 9100toZero

    Nevada Bronco Club

    Just wondering if there are any trail rides in Vegas area in the next couple weeks. Did Bronco Offrodeo last week and itchin to get more trail dust…just not too technical…
  8. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    Not familiar with the advantages of this style of bike carrier... I installed a hitch mount-swing out 4 bike Thule and am white impressed with capabilities and engineering in the product. What made you go this route?
  9. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    Went to the strip. They parked it front row. Was a cool backdrop
  10. ERUPTION GREEN Bronco Club

    We got our out in the woods too
  11. 9100toZero

    The PNW Bronco Group

    hi, looking to do some trails around CDA/Hayden Lake if anyone is interested.
  12. 9100toZero

    The PNW Bronco Group

    Im taking wife and 2 grown kids out in Sept Broncorodeo-Nevada in september. any suggestions?
  13. Bronco Woody

    I have guys that can print and or install if you don't have a wrapper. Artwork is all based on 4 door.
  14. Bronco Woody

    Loving all the response. No worries, with the wrap I got really thick skin
  15. Bronco Woody

    We did better, we got the tree dna, all saved in cryo storage with 3d printers all on backup at a offsite secured location.
  16. Bronco Woody

    Thank you, I grew up around the country squires in the 60's but my wife gets inspirational credit, I drove the project and we have been very happy with the outcome.
  17. Bronco Woody

    Funny. I sent photos like this to the artist that did the artwork. Yours is a better photo than what I found. Maybe I'll use it for my avatar...
  18. Bronco Woody

    The roof material isn't conducive to a wrap according to the installers. Would need to be painted. We remove our panels quite often and the paint would probably wouldn't hold up.
  19. HOSS 3.0 Bronco towing report / experience -- closer to F-150 than Explorer

    We pulled 3100# enclosed trailer and only got 9.6 mpg but handled great