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  1. Took the Badlands camping

    First trip in the Bronco was a blast. Handled everything flawlessly.
  2. Price protection for MY22->22.5 in Canada?

    Since my order was placed, the price has gone up. Was anyone here able to get their original price at pick up from the dealer? I tried searching but it gets pretty muddy and there's nothing Canada-specific I can find. I don't have a 2021 reservation but did make it in before the 22.5 increase...
  3. Any fellow Canucks here get window stickers or tracking updates?

    So I have a VIN and a “build date” given by the American chat feature. During the process though, I haven’t seen anything new populate on the sites. My account doesn’t even show my order. Do things eventually show up or are we just left in the dark?
  4. Any Canadians get a Confirmation Email from Ford?

    I made a walk in order on Dec. 23/21 for a MY22 2Dr BL Sas, lux and 2.7 but haven’t received anything from Ford. My dealer claims it’s been placed and sent me a photo of the order number but nothing official from ford or any kind of build sheet yet. Any other Canadian buyers have any luck with...