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  1. Best steps/boards for Badlands Squatch

    I went IAG easy steps v2. Like them a lot. Minimalist design, built like a tank and easily removable when going off road.
  2. PPF the Whole Damn Thing...

    Nothing too bad with prints. It’s no worse than my original Shadow Black. One thing I’ve noticed about the stealth is that it rarely looks dirty. If you like the look I say go for it. It definitely accentuates the lines of the truck.
  3. PPF the Whole Damn Thing...

    I have xpel stealth. Love the way it turned out. Total cost was $4800(Michigan) in May.
  4. Which "street friendly" Bronco looks the best?

    Obviously looks are subjective. I went Badlands Sasquatch primarily because it looks best to me. I had never been off-roading prior to taking delivery. Two things I will say: 1-the truck rides great on road. Aired down below factory settings it swallows bumps effortlessly. Rides similar to my...
  5. Window slapping when partially open

    Very. I go all the way up or all the way down now.
  6. Which Method wheels do you like?

    703 0 offset.
  7. Looking to order a set of Method 703 or 701 (need recommendations)

    Same price’s everywhere when I ordered my 703’s. I went w Discount Tire through their b6g account and got good service. 0 offset.
  8. Xipex® Bronco Cargo Cover-If You Need It-On Sale

    You could design a set of two extensions that simply elongate the current model to extend out and reach the plastic sidewalls when the top is removed. That way it would remain usable with or without the top attached.
  9. Xipex® Bronco Cargo Cover-If You Need It-On Sale

    Would be nice if you developed additional pieces or brackets to allow use with soft top removed. Would just need extra length to wedge on ends to reach the sides past where the soft top brackets are. I am happy with the product but my top is completely removed and I cannot use it now.
  10. How to replace fog lights on Capable Bumper?

    I’m in the same boat but have been waiting on someone else to be the guinea pig, so thanks. Lol. Please keep us updated with your results.
  11. I need tire help...

    I have Toyo at3’s in that size on my badlands Sasquatch. Handle great. Ride great.
  12. FordPass App question

    Same boat for me. The other two have pics but not the Bronc.
  13. Diode dynamics OEM wiring harness for backlit SS3's

    The red wire goes to aux switch wire to turn on main beams. The D1/D2 can be spliced together and go to second aux wire. That will control your backlight.
  14. Diode Dynamics Elite Series Fog Lamps (Available for Pre-Order)

    Add me to the list waiting for these to fit the capable bumper.
  15. What are sas wheels and tires going for?

    I listed mine for $2000 after monitoring listings for a month or so and had interest from several people on the forum. Offers were naturally a couple hundred bucks under list price but that seemed to be the going rate. Wife wanted me to keep them so we could go back to oem in the future so I...
  16. Wisconsin IAG Performance 4dr stirups Sale $480

    I’ll take them.
  17. C-Load 35x12.5r17 Toyo AT3s?

    And they were $40/tire cheaper.