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  1. Build week of: 10/10/2022 Spread Sheet Attached

    Our raptor is 10/10, day one reservation used. Original production date was 9/19. Hot pepper red, lux, Georgia, ordered March 17, 2022
  2. ⏰ 2023 Bronco Scheduling Begins! -- Starting Next Week (10/3) For 2023MY Production Build Weeks 11/4 Through 11/28

    same, 21 base sas hard top 2.3 with aux switches, bumper and keypad as the only options.
  3. 🔐 RE- ORDER BANKS for 2023MY BRONCO are OPEN!

    that’s good, I don’t think any of us were in a huge rush originally...but it’s been since 2021😂 and now we have dealers who say Ford hasn’t given them any guidance on how converting 21/22 to a 23 works.
  4. 🔐 RE- ORDER BANKS for 2023MY BRONCO are OPEN!

    we dealing with the same sh!t, dealer called zone rep and it’s been two days and still no return phone call. We haven’t received any email about converting to 23 so dealer is nervous about reordering and messing something up since we have a 21 and have been waiting so long.
  5. I ordered a Ford Maverick, anyone else?

    Lol, my dad just ordered a Maverick and I told him the same thing. He will probably get his Maverick before we get our 21 bronco.
  6. My 2022 to 2023 order confirmation, and emails.

    We still have not received any email about getting pushed to 23 and left a message with zone rep. today.
  7. First Bronco Raptor with painted fender flares & trail sights [Hot Pepper Red]

    It’s this raptor...
  8. Bestop Fender Flares For Bronco - First Look Video

    i actually don’t mind, not gonna buy because some good looking chick is trying to sell...I say bring back the old beer commercials, remember the calendars, posters and cardboard cutouts of hot chicks dad, grandad and uncles had in their shops. Now we get overweight whales dancing around trying...
  9. 🔐 RE- ORDER BANKS for 2023MY BRONCO are OPEN!

    our dealers won’t listen to us though. I sent my dealer the link to this thread with a couple of screen shots and people stating “reordered for 23” with order confirmation email image from Ford. Dealer just keeps telling me it’ll convert automatically even though I didn’t get email to convert...
  10. 🔐 RE- ORDER BANKS for 2023MY BRONCO are OPEN!

    my dealer mentioned “regional” thing as well, I’m in Georgia. I think we would know if it was a regional thing though. Still haven’t received Ford email about converting to 23.
  11. 🔐 RE- ORDER BANKS for 2023MY BRONCO are OPEN!

    I just got off the phone with dealer, told me they would call the “zone rep” Monday. I just said explain to me how and why people are getting confirmation emails on their reorder for a 23 and we haven’t received anything...he couldn’t obviously. Told him we’ve been waiting since 21 and I want to...
  12. 🔐 RE- ORDER BANKS for 2023MY BRONCO are OPEN!

    My dealer just keeps saying it will automatically switch, how do you make them do it? I’ve called twice, yesterday I told him how all of you are getting emails about the switch which we have not received and also how y’all are getting confirmation emails on your reorder. Just keeps saying it’s...
  13. 🔐 RE- ORDER BANKS for 2023MY BRONCO are OPEN!

    I’m beyond frustrated, called my dealer again today (called this past Tuesday as well). Wife has 21 base sas hard top 4/door. Asked again what needed to be done and was told nothing. Was told it would automatically convert as you stated. Dealer stated Ford would be building 22’s up until...
  14. Raptor up for auction on Cars & Bids

    It’s got like 7 days left
  15. Sasquatch package has gone from my 2023 Bronco order

    that’s what I keep reading here, reason I called the dealer this past Tuesday. They are telling us we don’t have to do anything but we haven’t received anything from Ford either. Two weeks ago wifes base sas 2021 hard top was “previewing” but we haven’t received any info if it is actually being...
  16. Sasquatch package has gone from my 2023 Bronco order

    So y’all are getting emails basically confirming your getting pushed to 23? Dealer called a week or so ago saying wifes 2021 order was being “previewed” but nothing since. No email from Ford about getting pushed to 23. I called dealer yesterday and dealer stated 21/22 orders would be getting...