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  1. RCV Performance CV Axles - are they junk or did I get a defective set?

    I installed a set of RCV Performance CV axles for M210/sasquatch (CVJIFS-BRONCO-S). They were smooth in 2H, but in 4A they had severe issues on test drive. I think they were binding internally with loud thumping and extreme vibration under load. It was intermittent, but very repeatable (would...
  2. Idaho Black Rhino Wheels, New, 17x8.5 for 37" or 35" tires

    Black Rhino Wanaka wheels. New (one open box, 4 sealed boxes). Includes lug nuts and hub-centric rings for Bronco. 17x8.5+12 size is perfect for 37x12.50R17, 35x12.50R17, or sasquatch tires. Boise Idaho region. Pickup only. $900.
  3. Idaho Sold: Sasquatch tires

    From 2022 Bronco with less than 300 miles. Near Boise Idaho. $800. Pickup only. I also have wheels for sale.
  4. Idaho Sold: 2dr Rock Rails

    2dr Rock Rails. Near Boise Idaho. $350. Pickup only.
  5. Idaho Sold: HD Modular Bumper and Bash Plate

    For use with or without parking sensors. Near Boise Idaho. Pickup only. $800.
  6. Think twice before ordering from Panda Motorworks (cancellation fees on backorders)

    Panda Motorworks has a policy of charging a 7% cancellation fee on backordered items. While a reasonable person might assume that this policy applies only to returns, they are applying it to backordered items that are not yet in production and have no delivery date. Fine print in final...
  7. AUX wiring suggestions and example ARB compressor installation

    To make it easier to add accessories over time and to allow switches to be reordered easily, I added waterproof connectors to Ford’s dangling aux wires. I chose the Deutsch DT 2-pin connectors that are commonly used in offroad lighting. A ground is added to each connector for ease of use. They...
  8. Surprise. 2dr Badlands w/MIC previewing this week (UPDATE: hard top previews were another Ford snafu)

    I just received notice from Granger that my 2dr Badlands is previewing and may be scheduled this week for 2021 build. This was a surprise, since I received the "we will not be able to get you a 2021 model year Bronco with a hardtop" email from Ford. I guess that means that Ford may have more...
  9. Perch collar level / lift for Sasquatch from RPG

    I noticed that RPG is about to release a perch collar leveling/lift for Sasquatch bilstein shocks. 2.25" front and 1.25" rear. Unlike a spacer lift, this preserves the factory bump stops and won't over-extend the CV. I might go this route if longer springs aren't available by the time I get my...
  10. 4WP Bronco Parts Catalog Live (suspension not available until 7/6)

    You can order bumpers, fenders, tire mounts, and side steps. No suspension parts until 7/6. No sign of BYOD rail.