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  1. Go Rhino Dominator Extreme D1 Sidesteps Installed on 4-Door Wildtrak

    I was encouraged to share some photos of the Go Rhino Dominator Extreme D1 steps I recently installed on my 4dr Wildtrak. Initial thoughts are mostly good. I do have some critical feedback though. First thing first, install sucks! Get yourself some help and a lot of patience (or adequate...
  2. [Updated 7/20] Early Delivered Bronco MIC Top Developing Honeycomb / Snakeskin Pattern

    Updated 7/20: @PREMiERdrum's MIC top exhibiting further issues: The gift that keeps on giving. New today I have the "snakeskin" texture on both sides of my clamshell and signs of delamination all the way down the drivers side rear clamshell seam. There is also a dark rubberized vinyl streak...
  3. 300 Mile MPG Report [Wildtrak 2.7L, 4-Door]

    So I've had my Wildtrak since Thursday the 8th and since then have put just under 300 miles on it myself. It had roughly 25 miles at delivery. Mostly driven on 2 lane hwys no more than 60mph and some dirt back roads here and there. This is by no means a hypermiling machine, but I'm happy to...
  4. Accidental 'Baja' detour

    While making our way home from Florida to Michigan we had had to exit the highway in South Carolina due to an accident. Along our detour was "Horsefeathers Lane". As soon as we hit the dirt I was grinning imagining what a fun ride it would be in a Bronco.
  5. 3/19 Dealer Event pics - Rapid Red OBX Lux

    Same OBX build as seen before at previous dealer events. Just thought I'd add some of my own random pictures. In no particular order...
  6. Survey determines Americans' least favorite pizza topping and it isn't pineapple.

    "And so it looks like the pineapple pizza wars will be with us for a while as a divided nation clashes over the fundamental question of whether or not fruit belongs on a pizza." Sauce