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  1. Should be no surprise

  2. Will Ford give us 2023 info prior to the order banks opening?

    So I am wondering when Ford will change the build and price to 2023, So we can figure out any changes. I am pretty certain of what I would order, but like so many, I do want to see the colors, price changes etc. I will be bummed if they open the ordering on 08/15 and they do not give us a...
  3. Is dealer inventory starting to sit?

    Just saw this, and the current dealer markup does not seem to bad, i was wondering if dealer inventory is starting to sit.
  4. When I pull the trigger

    Like so many-I have changed my mind on models and possible options a million times. So when my dealer finally calls for my order and confirms everything, I think it will be a challenge not second guessing everything and waiting for delivery. Anyone else in this boat?
  5. What model might be the least to maintain

    I plan on my pick to be a dd and we will rarely take it off road. Outside of nasty winters do u think any models will or would require more in service? We are starting to step away from the OB based on what pix are popping up.