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  1. 50+ Broncos offroad through Rattlesnake Canyon (Apple Valley) to Pioneer Town (Yucca Valley)

    Wow...someone just cut the ends off the capable bumper.
  2. 🔐 RE- ORDER BANKS for 2023MY BRONCO are OPEN!

    Yea I got an email from Ford this morning and asked my dealership what he needed and he said “At the moment all I need from you is for you to send me a picture of your ID so I can verify the order with Ford. Once I get your order re-placed tomorrow I will send you a docusign of your order...
  3. Are you swapping to Heritage Edition Bronco?

    Nope!! Hard pass!!!
  4. 2023MY Bronco Dealer Playbook released for reservation conversion, carry-over orders, COVP, price protection, Heritage Edition, allocations, dates

    Agreed!! Why is it exclusive to the Wildtrak when the Badlands is an upper trim and needs it more than the Wildtrak. Shaking my head at the decision making.
  5. Kentucky Sold: Matte Black Vinyl Topo Hood Bump and Lower 4 Door Vinyl

    These were purchased from Vortex Signs. Both are matte black. The lower door vinyl is no longer available with the BRONCO and horse...its just a solid mountain now. I can ship anywhere in the lower 48 and pickup is also available. The cost was $163 for both brand new and I'll sell as a set for $125.
  6. BroncoSarge Badlands Build

    Awesome build. What did you use for painting the grill?
  7. ARB Giveaway! ARB edition TRED Pro recovery boards (CLOSED)

    Done and done. Thank you
  8. My Big Bend build w/ 35's & 20" wheels

    Is that the OEM replacement grill that comes unpainted in black?
  9. 【Mabett】The back for the rear seats for Bronco 4 door has been designed, Coming soon!

    How come it no longer comes with the folding flaps?
  10. How many long haulers are left ? unscheduled July '20 reservation holders?

    No VIN, not scheduled for anything and just waiting. Details in my signature below.
  11. Horror story turned reality

    Just keep it and order what you want without the mic top. If you want the mic top, then when it comes in take it and switch out the tops and sell the Wildtrak. Problem solved and you get to drive around in a Bronco until your Bronco shows up. See what I did there...a Bronco!! lol
  12. Article: Dude, Where's My Bronco? Ford took online reservations for its hottest vehicle in decades, but shipments anything but 1st come / 1st serve

    @Ford Motor Company screwed all reservation holders...period!!!! Responsibility rests 100% on CEO Jim Farley!!
  13. Possible to add grab handles like these?

    Looks like dozer yellow would match badlands
  14. $150k For the only 2 door in the USA

    There's a 2 door cactus gray black diamond non sasquatch sitting at my local dealer right now. I just saw it this morning. Its marked sold.
  15. Up-Close Pics: 2022 Capable Front Bumper

    What is powder coated steel and what is plastic on it? I can't tell from the pics.