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  1. 2023 Bronco Order Confirmed?

    That is an interesting question. My guess is price protection plus HOS 3.0 package. Maybe an offset. I’ll see what I can find out Monday.
  2. 2023 Bronco Order Confirmed?

    They submitted your MY23 order already. They may have even completed the COVP. I would call or go by and ask for the 2023 build sheet or DORA. Make sure it has everything you want on it. I had a customer that order a Badlands with SAS in Oct 2021. When the order converted over from Ford, it was...
  3. Priority code 15 vs 99 ?

    99 is “do not order”. Codes 10-19 are dealer priority. 10 should get built before 11, 11 before 12, and so on.
  4. PSA / Tips on 2023MY Bronco ReOrdering

    Not necessarily. I received the email confirmation and I know for a fact that the COVP was not completed on mine due to system issues with Ford.
  5. PSA / Tips on 2023MY Bronco ReOrdering

    The COVP site was not working correctly yesterday and doesn’t appear to be today either. Be sure to stay on top of your dealer and ensure it is completed. I am a salesman and have an order in since Nov 2021. I just updated my order and I received the email from Ford for confirmation. BUT the...
  6. 2023MY Bronco Dealer Playbook released for reservation conversion, carry-over orders, COVP, price protection, Heritage Edition, allocations, dates

    We had to complete the COVP on all new customer orders earlier this year before the order banks closed. We also did this for all orders…not just Bronco.
  7. New 2023MY Bronco dates: Order Guide 9/19, Order Bank (Conversion) 9/28, Last Day to Convert Order 11/21

    Great question. I know Ford is taking this week to finalize which MY22 need to be converted to MY23. I ordered a 4 door Badlands MIC top, LUX, HD Modular Bumper, 2.7L and I expect it will be delivered in 2023. However, I do not expect Ford to take additional retail orders until they can...
  8. New 2023MY Bronco dates: Order Guide 9/19, Order Bank (Conversion) 9/28, Last Day to Convert Order 11/21

    You have to work at a dealership to have access. I know the emails are usually lagging so I try to stay on top.
  9. New 2023MY Bronco dates: Order Guide 9/19, Order Bank (Conversion) 9/28, Last Day to Convert Order 11/21

    I just looked in WBDO and saw that I have been pushed to MY23 but I have not received an email. I am fine with the year change since I would rather have the newest year model. Now on to more waiting.
  10. 2023 Bronco colors revealed by touch up paint site

    I doubt white has been eliminated. However, I would love to see what Space White would look like on a Bronco. They offered it on the F150 and it is a head turner.
  11. CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Club

    My build 😍. If only it would get scheduled 😔
  12. 🛠 3/28/22 Build Week Group

    Maybe I’m not too far behind you. I have a very similar build minus SAS and in Carbonized Gray. No reservation and ordered on 11-8-21.